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Specs of the 2015 Honda Gold Wing Touring Motorcycle

Mar 2, 2019 3:00:00 PM / by RumbleOn Road Captain

A Look at the 2015 Honda Gold Wing Touring Motorcycle

The Honda Gold Wing Touring Motorcycle is a beloved favorite when it comes to fans of long journeys and comfortable bells and whistles. With a strong horizontally opposed liquid-cooled SOHC six-cylinder engine that provides power and performance, the Honda Gold Wing also comes complete with features geared toward your comfort. Bigger engine, better chassis, more power, and excellent bodywork are just a few of the reasons why this beast of a touring motorcycle has been a go-to for decades of road warriors.

The 2015 Honda Gold Wing was the model that celebrated the family's 40th Anniversary, and the model paid homage to its predecessors while not skimping out on the modern amenities we all enjoy today. This is the bike that helped set the standard for luxury touring, and the perks and specs of the 2015 Gold Wing give us an idea of why the touring motorcycle has fared so well after so many years.

The touring motorcycle is full of all the engineering standards that you expect from the Honda brand. The 2015 model includes modern styling with a sporty edge, and, with a lower center of gravity, you'll experience an improved ride and greater handling. Of the tried-and-true features of the Gold Wing touring motorcycle, the adjustable, ratcheting windscreen offers six settings and features nearly four inches of travel to customize your ride. With other modern amenities such as GPS, airbags, and satellite radio, the 2015 Gold Wing brings more than enough to the table in terms of safety, navigation, comfortable riding.  

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2015 Honda Gold Wing Touring Motorcycle


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