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Don’t Miss Out on Arizona Bike Week 2018

Apr 8, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Cam

Check Out Arizona Bike Week 2018

With an average attendance of 250,000 people every year, at Arizona Bike Week (Arizona's famed Motorcycle Rally) you’re sure to be surrounded by some awesome riders that love their bikes as much as you love yours.
You’ll live it up in the Scottsdale, Arizona landscape, which means warm weather and surrounding mountains that will be stunning in both the daytime and nighttime. And while there’s an endless selection of things that Arizona Bike Week is known for, when it comes to the music lineup that they showcase, they know how to get a crowd going!

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This year’s Bike Week will take place from April 11th to the 15th, and if you’re not making the ride out there, I'm sad to say you’ll be missing you on a hell of a good time. The day starts out at 10:30 AM with the "Peace Out, Prostate Cancer" ride, which will be sponsored by Harley-Davidson. They’re charging a $35 fee per person, but that will go towards the ride, breakfast, lunch, entrance into Arizona Bike Week, your ticket for the Collective Soul Concert, and a wristband for the Dirty Dogg Party, as well as to benefit the cause. In other words, no better deals exists out there.

If you’re looking to see a familiar face, RumbleOn will be there and we’ll have an interactive, green-screen setup so  you and your friends can be on the cover of Adrenaline Avenue Magazine.  Visit our Rumble girls to get a cash offer for your bike, and you can then be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card. You have a one-in-ten chance of winning, which are pretty good odds. You’ll also get a promo card that will give you $250 off any RumbleOn bike that you purchase, and with your extensive inventory, you’d be sure to find a bike that rides right up your alley!

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Harley-Davidson will be holding some Factory Demo Rides so that you can get a look at the best-of-the-best from America’s favorite brand. There will be tons of different extreme stunt shows, along with some confident riders taking their turn in the "Globe of Death." There will be enough food and drinks to keep the day going, but make sure to bring some sunscreen, because if you’re not into the whole "lobster" look, then you’re going to need it. 

Collective Soul will be kicking off Arizona's Bike Week with their show at 9:00 PM in the RockYard. Grab a cold one, and try not to get too contemplative when they play "The World I Know." Chevelle will be headlining on Tuesday at 9, so if you want a good spot up front, get in there a little earlier. Shinedown will own the stage on Friday, so try not to lose your voice when you think you can join in on the chorus.

And at the end of Arizona Bike Week, ZZ Topis closing the stage, and saying that they’re a crowd favorite would be just a little bit of an understatement. If you aren’t already prepared to belt "Gimme All Your Lovin’" at the top of your lungs, you might need another beer... or four. They’re the perfect band to wrap up what’s going to be a killer Bike Week, so if there’s one band you want to make sure you experience, they’d be on the top of that list!

Source: ZZTopVevo YouTube


We’re excited for you to come Rumble with us, so comment down below and let us know if you’ll be there!


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