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Loud and Proud: RevZilla Exhaust Sound Comparison

May 19, 2021 4:01:35 PM / by Logan Reed

Exhaust Sound Comparison for Harley

You know the sound. That sound that Harley-Davidson is known for.  It's said that loud pipes save lives, but honestly, I think they just get my blood pumping more than they've rescued anyone.  

I'm all about resourcefulness and love to do research on DIY motorcycle tips and mods. There are lots of brands, methods, and ways you can make a Harley sound louder, so when it comes to the best aftermarket exhaust for Harley Davidson, sometimes it can be a bit of an ordeal to make a decision.

How do you know what to pick? Go with tried and true, of course.

In this featured video, the pros at RevZilla break down the rumble from popular aftermarket brands!  If you live to rumble on, leave me a comment to let me know your favorite mod!


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