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Jo Kelley

Lover of horror movies, dive bars, and startled cat gifs. I cover the history of motorcycles, motorcycle news, and tell the stories of some of the most popular brands.

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Motorcycle Lane-Splitting: Is it legal?

by Jo Kelley

In 2017, California updated its lane-splitting laws, making it legal for motorcyclists who live within its borders. Learn where else it’s legal today.

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2015 Kawasaki EX650EFF Ninja 650 Review and Specs

by Jo Kelley

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 is every performance rider’s dream come true. See why!

Performance and style come to mind when I think of anything belonging to the Kawasaki family, and the 2015 Kawasaki EX650EFF Ninja 650 is certainly no exception. Though technically a sportsbike, the 2015 Ninja 650 is probably one of the most versatile rides on the market, offering thrills at every turn but also plenty of practicality. 

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“King Kenny” Roberts: AMA Legend, American Road Racing Hero

by Jo Kelley

Kenny Roberts, Yamaha factory rider of 13 years, spent his career defying the odds.

Decades later, he’s still making his mark on the track.

Growing up in rural Modesto, California, in the early 1960s, 12-year-old Kenny Roberts was into horseback riding. After mounting a minibike following a friendly dare, however, that all changed. Soon, the youngster was dismantling his father’s lawnmower, needing its engine to create his very own motorcycle. From then on, his fate was sealed.

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Tips for International Motorcycle Touring

by Jo Kelley

Before you saddle up for your first overseas adventure, you’d best know what to expect.

Most of us have a bucket list full of places we’ll only be able to visit once in this lifetime, which is daunting when you consider all you have to do to get there: months of planning, creating a budget, and buying the appropriate gear. So, before you move that kickstand even a centimeter off the ground, do yourself, your bucket list, and your wallet a favor and plan ahead. 

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The Original Indian Wrecking Crew: Pioneers of the American Flat Track

by Jo Kelley

Dominating the flat track since before many of us were born, the original Indian “Wrecking Crew” left an enduring mark on American and Indian Motorcycle history.

The history of Indian Motorcycles runs deep for anyone who’s ridden a straight-away at death-defying speeds, and members of the newest Indian “Wrecking Crew” can attest.

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