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How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost?

by Kelly Kawasaki

How much does a motorcycle cost? That question is an oversimplification of the journey you’ll experience as your riding career unfolds. We are here to walk you through the entire process from start to finish, so you’ll know what to expect before you shell out some cash and finally hit the open road.

Rider Diaries, BMW

Enjoy the Ride // Romain Rolus' BMW R nineT

by Kelly Kawasaki

Why did you choose your BMW R NineT?
I’m a huge fan of custom bikes. They can be just like us, an extension of us, unique in our own way. The
BMW R NineT was a great choice : it is reliable, powerful and offers a lot of custom possibilities.

I bought a 2017 stock BMW R NineT Racer. Then I removed the front part, painted it all black and, in the end, I got a beautiful and unique bike.

Rider Diaries, Harley Davidson

Find Your Freedom // Zee's Harley Davidson Low Rider S

by Kelly Kawasaki

Why did you choose your Harley Davidson Low Rider S?
I chose my new bike, the
Harley Davidson Low Rider S, because I had been eyeing Dyna models over the years. I rode my Sportster for 4 years, but outgrew her and it was time for me to upgrade. I test rode the Harley Davidson Low Rider S and fell in love. The size was perfect for me, the power was amazing, as I could now keep up with my husband’s Harley Davidson V-Rod, and it’s just a really badass bike! A fun fact is that I inspired my husband to sell his Harley Davidson V-Rod for a twin Low Rider S with the 131 engine as well. His is barracuda silver and mine is black. That was definitely a win for me!

Rider Diaries, Harley Davidson, Ducati

Learn From One Another // Tav's Ducati and Harley Davidson Motorcycles

by Kelly Kawasaki

Why did you choose your Harley Davidson Fat Bob, your Harley Davidson Night Rod Special, and your Ducati Diavel Carbon?

I carefully chose my
Ducati Diavel Carbon, Harley Davidson Fat Bob, and Harley Davidson Night Rod Special because of their looks and performance. Aggressive, curvaceous, and eye-catching features of the motorcycle lure me in first, and then the power and the handling. The performance of the bike should send chills up my spine. When I get off it and start walking away, I look at the powerful machine and that feeling remains, and I want to go for another ride.

Adventure Destinations

10 Ghost Towns to Visit on Your Motorcycle This Halloween

by Kelly Kawasaki

In the spirit of Halloween, we created a ghost town travel guide that encourages motorcyclists to forego the haunted houses in favor of traveling to real American ghost towns. These ghost towns offer unique opportunities to visit historic landmarks and abandoned buildings frozen in time with intriguing histories, little to no traffic, and minimal competition for killer photo sessions.