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Halloween Rides: Ultimate List of Spooky Road Trip Destinations

by Logan Reed

Haunted Places USA: Take a Halloween Ride

In honor of All Hallow's Eve being just around the corner, I decided to do some coast-to-coast research into some creepy destinations for road trips. Whether or not you buy into ghosts, goblins, or spirits of the ethereal sort, I invite you to take a ride to the creepy side. These destinations could make for a good story, you never know.

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Motorcycles Used in WW2: Harley-Davidson’s Heroic Contribution

by Logan Reed

Learn more about how Harley-Davidson proudly served their country and the war effort.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the U.S. Army approached Harley-Davidson about equipping Americans and their allies with H-D military motorcycles, just like they had during WWI.

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2015 Honda CB300F Review and Specs

by Logan Reed

Honda motorcycles have a strong cult following in the riding community, and CB300 enthusiasts can attest.  

The 2015 Honda CB300F is a commuter is every sense of the word: lightweight, low-slung, fuel-efficient, powerful (enough)… You get the idea. But what makes this particular bike so commendable in terms of its model category, is the confidence it inspires in fledgling riders.

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What Information is Contained in a Motorcycle VIN Number?

by Logan Reed

Should I share my motorcycle VIN number with RumbleOn?

With so much technology at our disposal these days the ease and convenience of online shopping has become evermore alluring. And what could be more convenient than buying a used motorcycle online? 

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Recap of SturgisⓇ Motorcycle Rally™ 2019

by Logan Reed

What was SturgisⓇ 2019 like? You had to be there…

Kidding! Well, sort of. I mean, there’s nothing like experiencing the world’s largest motorcycle rally for yourself to really get a sense of what it means to be a ‘biker,’ but life happens, I get it! 

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