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Honda Gold Wing: Top Three Generations of the Best Touring Motorcycle

by RumbleOn Road Captain

Long live the Road “King of Kings,” the Honda Gold Wing.

For more than four decades, this beloved tourer has graced the open road, and it hasn’t lost steam yet.

For any road warrior with an ambitious side, the Honda Gold Wing might just be the motorcycle you’re looking for. Equipped to take riders well beyond the distance, the Gold Wing has transformed over the years into one of the most reliable touring machines in America and the world over.

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Types of Motorcycles: What is a Touring Motorcycle?

by RumbleOn Road Captain

Introduction to Motorcycle Types: What is a Touring Motorcycle?

Motorcycle touring is one of the many pleasures in life, and what better way to experience the hobby than with a bike built for just that? While there are many different kinds of motorcycles, touring bikes take the cake when it comes to amenities and mastering the long-distance riding experience.

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Ultimate List of Fall 2019 Motorcycle Rallies by State

by RumbleOn Road Captain

Nothing like a good ol’ motorcycle rally to get your biker senses tingling, and this Fall will be chock-full of them.

Summer is nearly over and some of us are truly heartbroken about it. In fact, if it weren’t for all the upcoming bike rallies I have to look forward to, I’m not so sure fall and I would be on the best of terms. 

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Things To Do in South Dakota: Hidden Gems of the Black Hills

by RumbleOn Road Captain

Sturgis-bound? Check out these things to do in South Dakota.

It's that time of the year: time for the 79th Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™, and that means that an eventful week is right in front of us. The Sturgis bike rally is a week of riding headfirst into the motorcycle culture. It's a time to meet new people and make lifelong friends, along with potentially drinking a few too many at the Knuckle Saloon, Sturgis' iconic biker bar.

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Tips for Beginners: How to Perform a Motorcycle Tune-Up (Video)

by RumbleOn Road Captain

How do you do a motorcycle tune-up? Tune in!

No one wants to cut their riding time short, that’s why it’s essential to extend the life of your motorcycle as long as possible. In order to make sure your ride is road-ready for years to come, you need to give it some attention. What kind of attention? A periodical, thorough once-over and motorcycle tune-up, of course.

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