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The Best Electric Motorcycle Announcements of 2017

Feb 24, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Cam

The Best Electric Motorcycles that Were Announced in 2017

If Harley-Davidson is jumping on it, it should say something. When it comes to motorcycle technology, the sector is starting to see a subtle shift. It’s not anything that is happening with increasing speed, but rather a slow integration of feeling out the reaction that people will have. For the brands looking to strive for innovation, it involves a lot of dipping their toes in the water to test the temperature. The motorcycle and riding culture is a unique one that’s unlike any other, so brands can never be entirely sure how people will react to their innovation. 
Something that many brands are striving to incorporate into their name and motorcycle line? Electric motorcycles. There’s a variety of reasons that some brands are flinging the resources, time, and finances at this sector. A good chunk of the reason behind it is to encourage the eyes and appeal to millennials, so that the motorcycle culture can keep on riding through the foreseeable future. An additional reason behind it is because people are becoming a lot more conscious of the impact gas has on the overall health of the earth. But another big reason that isn’t based on much reasoning? It looks and sounds cool, in theory.

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Now, that’s not to say that everyone needs to start getting worried about how this will impact their beloved brands and the bike industry, but it does mean that a slow integration of electric bikes is happening, regardless of who likes it or not. The top brand that had taken everyone by surprise when they shared that they, too, would be releasing an electric bike? Harley-Davidson. The reason for a Harley electric bike is something that has shocked a lot of Harley lovers and enthusiasts, merely because they seemed like the last bike brand to do it.


Harley Davidson is one of the most traditional brands in the industry, in the sense that it thrives on the classics and foundations that the brand was originally founded on. This decision gives a lot of insight towards the direction Harley might be leaning towards. It’s obvious that motorcycle brands are trying to appeal to the millennial audience, just for the sake of keeping the industry chugging.

So, we’re going to hop into the best electric motorcycles on the market right now:

The Zero SR:

This is a crowd favorite for those who personally enjoy electric motorcycles. This bike isn’t even very expensive when compared with some of its counterparts, but it has the whole package that most bike enthusiasts are looking for. This bike is even a potential option as a touring bike, too, because you can add additional bags to the back. It doesn’t require a hunched over driving position, either, so it could potentially be pretty comfortable for those long drives.

Video source: Roadshow


This pumps out 70hp, and its power pack can hit 161 miles of urban riding. It has a pretty low seat height (at 31.8 inches), so this could be an easy ride for both guys and girls. It looks more like a sports bike than anything else, but it never crosses that threshold into being too sporty. This ride might be a bit difficult if you want to add a person, so it’s more in tune with a single rider. It has an impressive but simplistic LCD dash that allows you to see everything you could want to know.

This bike does better than most of its counterparts on the charge, but it does hold a charge better when you’re driving on the street, rather than the highway. So if you want to commute a long distance to work on this thing, you might have to be conscious of that charge. But if you live fairly close to work, this could be the perfect option.

Even when you do have to charge the bike, you can reach full battery in just 3 hours, so it’s pretty darn efficient. This bike is pretty simplistic in looks, but remains physically appealing without trying to claim a look in any particular motorcycle family or sector.


Alta Motors Redshift MX:

Not many traditional bike lovers are going to think that this bike is visually appealing, or maybe see as much use for it for that matter.  When it comes to looks, it is clearly dirt-bike level. And unless you’re using it for off-roading, I understand that this isn’t a look that many people favor.

However, if you are looking for a bike to use off-road, Alta Motors has done some excellent work with this one. Alta isn’t just going for the best electric bike title, they also want to hit the best motocross bike title. So, they put a lot of thought and effort into the design. Any off-road bike lover can appreciate the look and appeal of this bike. It has no exhaust system, no gas tank, not even a Kickstarter, as those things aren’t necessarily with an electric engine. Duh.


Video source: Racer X Illustrated


This thing can last for about 30 minutes of a full race, or two full hours when it’s on the trail instead of the track. Considering the speed that moto racers have to work up to, that’s pretty damn good. The low weight of the bike allows it to be efficient and gives it the ability to hit high speeds. The 350-volt electric system ensures that the heat of the bike can stay relatively low, which helps with its efficiency. Since this thing won’t have the engine noise of a traditional off-roader, which is intentional, the dash flashes green to let the driver know about the throttle.

Overall, off-road riders will love the innovative nature of this bike, all without costing them the race.


Lightning LS-218:

Okay, so when I say this thing is fast, that’s the understatement of the century. It’s actually the fastest production electric motorcycle at 200bhp. That’s just ridiculously unnecessary, but hey, we’re all for it. The visual look itself seems to have been decided entirely on the speed of the bike, and the appearance has speed written all over it. So, if you like going faster than should be acceptable, then take a ride on this thing.

This bike can hit 60mph in just two seconds flat, so a ton of work and consideration went into its making. The kicker? It has 244 horsepower. Yeah, I know, it’s nuts, and I love it. This is obviously not meant to be a commuter bike, as the riding position can get uncomfortable pretty quickly, but what would be the point of having a bike this fast if its only purpose was commuting? I’ll answer that: none.

Video source: Autoblog


Brutus V9:

This bike option has the potential of being a crowd favorite with the more classic lovers, simply because it has a noticeably similar appearance to some of the bikes in the Harley Davidson touring family. It does look like a great touring bike with its sleek looks, comfortable riding bench, and plentiful storage for all your needs. It could be an excellent cruiser, too, so we’re sure that this bike will hit home better with you traditional bike lovers.

It’s very retro-looking, while still maintaining some modern looks, so it’s a perfect balance between the two. What’s awesome about this bike? It’s electric engine hints towards the future, but its looks are based in the past and the now. And that’s a slow, progressive transition that we can get on board with. This bike has 125bhp capabilities, so while it may not go quite the speed of lightning, it can still hold its own when it comes to speed and ease.

The real beauty of this bike, other than its looks, is that it can last for 280 miles before you have to recharge. That’s perfectly fitting if it wants to be a touring bike, so we have to give it to the creators for putting the thought into the foundation of this. 

I know, the idea of an electric motorcycle doesn’t hit you very hard. And many of you might be worried about what you’d have to give up (that intoxicating sound of the engine, for example), but it’s always awesome to have an endless selection of options. The more advanced and innovative one motorcycle brand becomes, it becomes more likely that others will follow. And if there’s one way we know can make an industry push itself, and it’s capabilities to try and thrive, that’s competition. And I’d like to think this counts, so I'm pretty welcoming towards it.

Now, I'm not saying that you have to-or should-go out and trade in your beloved Harley for any of these options. Maybe you are considering looking for a new bike, but want something a little more your taste and your rumble? If you are looking to splurge on a new bike, the best place to sell a motorcycle is RumbleOn. You never have to think about where to sell my motorcycle, or buy one, because we make the process seamless and easy.

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Comment down below to let us know how you feel about the introduction of electric motorcycles, and why you would or wouldn't buy one! 


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Written by Cam

I'm new to riding, and I'm here to tell everyone about it! Follow my articles on advice for new motorcycle riders and overviews of some of the most popular motorcycles on the road.