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A Photo Collection of HAAS Moto Museum Exhibits

Sep 29, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by RumbleOn Road Captain

HAAS Moto Museum: Photo-worthy museum pieces

When a rider gets to walk through a motorcycle museum, it's like a kid walking through a candy store. Except that there's a lot more iron, shining gas tanks, and enough throttle to get your heart pumping. Okay, so it's nothing like a candy store. It's better.

But while there are plenty of motorcycle museums to choose from, there are some that really stand out above all the rest. The HAAS Motorcycle Museum, located in Dallas, Texas is a perfect example of a museum that's doing it right. There're more bikes than you can handle, whether that's a variety of rare and vintage bikes, or custom models that look like an artistic masterpiece. Every bike in this museum has its own unique story, and the range of bikes is what really sets the HAAS Museum apart from others. It's a motorcycle rider's dream, and if visiting this museum isn't on your bucket list, it's about to be. There's nothing like walking through a museum and feeling this history within it, and while getting your motorcycle fix.

It's an adventure in and of itself, and it's one worth going on! 


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