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Biker Dictionary and Road Terms (Part Two)

Sep 22, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

Dictionary of Biker Terms Part Two

Believe it or not, the Alphabet doesn't just end at Part One of our Road Terms Dictionary. There's more to consider, and if you're already part of the motorcycle culture, you know there're some pretty interesting and colorful words used.

That's not to say that those not involved in the community might not be informed about some of these words or phrases, or even guess what they might potentially mean. It's difficult if you are a beginner motorcycle rider, and, sometimes words can be so weird you have to guess their meaning. Know what's better than guessing? Checking out some of the best motorcycle blogs, books, learning from experience, and being involved in the community. Here're some additional words and phrases!


Earned or Bought: Referring to patches, some club patches are earned by the completion of a specific task, or bought, where the wearer does not have the right to wear the patch.

Easy Rider: A classic movie as well as a motorcycle magazine.

Enduro: This is a type of bike, specifically more of an adventure bike. It also is used to describe adventure races. 

Evolution: Also called Evo, this is a Harley Davidson engine that was produced from 1984 to 2000.

Exhaust Wrap: In order to retain heat, this is an Insulated cloth wrapped around exhaust pipes that gives an old-school look. Also known as heat wrap, pipe wrap, and exhaust tape.


Fairing: This is a common term in the industry, especially as it deals with a specific front style. This points at the bodywork that might be at the front of the bike, as it relates to deflecting wind and rain.

Farkle: Extra-fancy doo-dads and add-ons that serve no useful purpose. These include flags, stuffed pigs, etc.  

Fins: Heat sumps on air cooled engines.

Fishtailing: When the real wheel slides side-to-side, often because of wet roads or loose gravel.

Fishtails: When an exhaust tip is flared up and resembles a fish's tail.

Flathead: A Harley-Davidson engine that was produced from 1919 to 1973.

Flat Head: Horizontally opposed four- or six-cylinder engines.

Flat Spot: The point at which no additional power is gained from increased RPMs.

Flying Colors: The act of displaying the colors of your club.

Fork Bag: A small pouch attached to forks, handlebars, or frame, that's used to carry tools.

Frisco Style: This is all about the gas tank and where it's located. If it's mounted on the frame, instead of being nestled within it, this is what it's called.  


GBNF: An acronym that stands for Gone but Not Forgotten.

Garage Rot: This is the bike that's been left in the garage to, well, rot. It's pretty obvious what this means. 

Gearbox: Transmission casing.

Getting Patched: When you graduate from a prospect to a club member, and you are awarded your center patch.

Get-off: Not all motorcycle accidents are created equal, and some you're able to get through without much damage. This is that accident. It means that you got off during the crash, and there was minimal damage done.

Gooseneck: This is just behind the neck of the bike; it's the stretched portion of the frame. 

Green Light Triggers: You know how some traffic lights aren't able to acknowledge when a motorcycle is waiting? This is the answer. These are magnets that go under your bike and help lights tell when a motorcycle is waiting for a light change. 

Gremlin: Dating back to WWI, this is what is “blamed” for mechanical malfunctions. Typically heard in context of Gremlin Bells, which are said to protect against “Gremlins.”

Grocery Getter: A biker's car that is driven when not riding.


HOG: Harley Owners Group.

Hack: This is how you get your kids to ride with you when you worry about their ability to hold on! All jokes aside, this refers to the sidecar. 

Hand Signals: Waves and signals that are used to communicate formation, hazards, travel routes, etc.

Hang Around: This is the person that hangs around a motorcycle club and might consider joining it. 

Hardtail: A motorcycle with no rear suspension.

Hairpin: This is a really, really tight turn. 

Harley-Davidson: The largest, and one of the most iconic, American motorcycle manufacturers.

Helmet Head: Your hair after wearing a helmet, similar to bedhead.

High Side: An accident in which the motorcyclist goes over the motorcycle.

Highway Bars: In the Shape of semi-circular arch, these are bars that connect to and extend away from the frame.

Highway Pegs: Footpegs mounted to allow legroom.

Hog: Nickname for a large motorcycle, usually a Harley-Davidson.

Horizontally Opposed: An engine configuration where cylinders are set 180 degrees apart.


I Rode Mine: Said to shame those that trailer their bikes to rallies.

Independent: A biker with no club affiliation.

Indian: A classic American brand of motorcycles that has been produced forom 1901, originally under the Hendee Manufacturing Company. The name was changed to Indian Motorcycle Manufacturing Company in 1928 and has popular models including the Chief Classic, Chieftain, Chief Vintage, and Scout.

Ink: Tattoos.

Ink Slinger: A tattoo artist.

Inline Four: An engine configuration where all four cylinders are aligned in a row.

Inline Six: An engine configuration where all six cylinders are aligned in a row.

Inline Triple: An engine configuration where all three cylinders are aligned in a row.

IOMTT: This acronym stands for the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race, which is often known as the most dangerous race. It usually claims the ride of a couple riders every year. So, we suggest watching, rather than participating. 

Iron Butt: A motorcycle run that covers 11,000 miles in 11 days, or 1,000 miles every 24-hours.

Ironhead: Harley-Davidson Sportsters produced from 1957 to 1985.


 Jet: Ports in the carburetor where the fuel flows.

Jet Needle: Controls the flow of fuel through the jet.

Jockey Shift: A gear selector fitted directly into the top of the transmission.

Jugs: For those not involved in riding, this might pertain to something...else. But for those that are involved, they'll know this is about the cylinders.

Jupiter's Travels: This is a well-known book that was released in the 1970's by Ted Simon's, and it follows him riding around the world on his Triumph motorcycle. It's very well known, and it's a must read. 


Keep the rubber side down: Because "goodbye" is just too boring! This is sometimes how riders say goodbye to each other. It essentially means to ride safe. 

Kicker: A motorcycle with no electric starter that must be manually kick-started.

King and Queen Seat: A one-piece seat with a saddle for the driver, a passenger saddle behind, and a high, padded backrest raised about six inches above the driver and attached to a high Sissy Bar.

Knucklehead: Harley-Davidson engine produced from 1936 to 1947.

KSU: the abbreviation for "Kickstands Up." Signifying the time of departure.



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