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How Well Do You Know Your Motorcycle Life Hacks? (Quiz)

Mar 23, 2019 6:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

Think You Know All the Good DIY Motorcycle Life Hacks?

When it comes to riding, buying the most comfortable motorcycle doesn’t always remedy the discomfort you might experience on the road. Yes, sometimes even the most comfortable cruiser motorcycle could still use a few motorcycle add-ons, along with DIY updates to your gear, to improve the riding experience. And if you’ve done your research, you know there are plenty of cheap motorcycle mods and motorcycle gear life hacks to get you well on your way to a smooth and comfortable ride.

Think you are an expert in motorcycle life hacks? Take this quiz and find out!



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You know the motorcycle gear tips, now what about the ride?

Wouldn’t it be easier to invest in a bike designed for comfort instead of spending countless hours modifying it? Sure! In fact, a cruiser is a great place to start since this type of bike offers a more relaxed riding position. And you won’t really have to worry about how to lower a motorcycle with this baby since cruisers are characterized by lower seats. (Beginners be warned, however: while it’s true cruisers are typically the most comfortable motorcycle to ride, these bikes are better suited for more experienced riders who know how to handle a heavier machine.)

At the end of the day, motorcycle comfort (seats draped in sheepskin or not) is a must for riders because the more comfortable you are, the more control you’ll have of your bike. And, whether you own the most comfortable motorcycle or not, it always helps to know some of the easy DIY motorcycle mods that can help enhance your ride. Check out our coverage of comfortable motorcycles on the Brain Bucket Blog for more!

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