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Meet the Domio Moto: A Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

Jan 11, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

As wise as wearing a motorcycle helmet is, it can be pretty troublesome when you’re trying to stream music. Enter Domio’s motorcycle headsets

Any riding enthusiast will tell you how queuing up some tunes beforehand can drastically improve the riding experience. But what happens when you try to shove a motorcycle helmet over your perfectly positioned earbuds? Better yet, are earbuds even permitted when you’re riding a motorcycle?

Meet the Domio Moto: A Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

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Though the majority of states allow the use of headsets while operating a motorcycle, states like Colorado, Louisiana, and Virginia do not, unless they’re being used to improve hearing. Fortunately, a solution does exist for riders who do not fall into this category: the audio system must be built into the helmet. That’s where Domio Sports comes in. 

Domio Sports is a Canada-based company responsible for bringing the Domio Moto Helmet Audio Device to market in 2018. Fully wireless, this audio system can be securely mounted via a sturdy adhesive to the side of a rider’s helmet. It works by transferring sound into the helmet via a patented micro-vibration technology, effectively turning the entire helmet into a speaker. “Designed specifically for riders who want powerful surround sound, total comfort and full awareness while riding,” the Domio is one alternative to the mainstream headsets that are sometimes prohibited depending on where you live. But, how effective is it?

Here to do the Domio review true justice is Brain Bucket Guide Nick Steen, who assembled and tested out the motorcycle Bluetooth helmet device himself. Take a look:

According to Cycle World, who experimented with several different helmets and mounting points (i.e. “sweet spots”), this piece of wearable tech “lacks the juice for freeway speeds,” so it’s really only effective when you’re scooting through cities and residential areas. Not to mention, the sound is transmitted beyond the confines of your helmet, so you might notice passersby enjoying the music along with you.   

Currently, the original Moto headset retails for $179.00 USD on Domio’s website, and the most recent update, the MotoPro, is priced at $229.00 USD—both cheaper than a pair of the latest Apple AirPods! 

All things considered, is music a must when you’re on the road? Yes. Will Domio motorcycle headsets get the job done? Sure. But are they the only bluetooth headset alternative? No, so don’t get discouraged if this device doesn’t work out for you.


Have you ever tried a Domio motorcycle bluetooth headset before? If so, leave your own review down below!  


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