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Motorcycle Personality Quiz: What Bike Fits You? (Quiz)

Jun 15, 2019 3:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

Motorcycle Personality Quiz: Which Type of Motorcycle Suits You Best?

Which bike you choose to ride can be one of the biggest choices a rider, whether veteran or newbie, can make. This can be a bit daunting, even for experienced riders who have put enough miles behind them to have a general idea of what they like.


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There's a bike out there for everyone, and, even if you aren't on the market to buy one, it's fun to know which make of steel and rubber you are compatible with.

You see, we have crafted a quiz that will help you determine what type of bike is a good fit for your personality type! No matter how you choose to ride or what your sense of style there is a bike for you, that's the exciting part. Some people even believe that there is a type of bike that matches your motorcycle zodiac, and that your color personality is shown in what hue you have your bike painted. Now, you just gotta get out there and find the one that fits your true self! Whether that's a weekend road tripper or a speedy commuter is up to you. 

We love these types of fun and funny motorcycle quizzes, so give it a shot! Take the quiz below to find out which bike type you jive with the most. Don't forget to comment your results below and share the quiz with your friends so they can take it as well! 


So? What was your result? Leave a comment and share it with the world!


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