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Harley-Davidson CVO Review

Jan 8, 2018 12:24:09 PM / by Logan Reed

Harley CVO Review: What's So Great About a CVO?

The Harley CVO is the model family that lives the high life with their roads paved in red carpet. You know the ones, the American royalty. Those who have gold-plated toilets and their faces on every reality TV show. 

This is just classic Harley-Davidson. With the CVO, they may have gone on a rampage of upgrades and customization, but it was for a good, justified reason. These babies were designed for riders who know what they want, and Harley is delivering. 


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Since the CVO program was created in 1999 every mass-produced Harley motorcycle that rolled out of the factory had a special edition CVO set aside. These Harley Davidson models are special selections, they would be customized with limited-edition accessories and add-ons, larger-displacement engines, and upgrades in paint designs that you pretty much can’t find anywhere else but on a Harley CVO.


With the CVO Harley tapped into a consumer want to have performance and upgrades that set the standard for custom:  Screamin’ Eagle branded parts, electronic accessories, hand-painted details, exotic leathers, and other details are what make the Harley CVO a sight to behold. These bikes are designed for the Harley-lifers, those who love the brand and only want to ride the best that Harley-Davidson has to offer. You become part of the exclusive CVO club and rightfully get to wear a non-reproducible medal of CVO honor: the CVO badging and paint are exclusively reserved CVO model owners and cannot be replaced without providing proof of ownership.


The price of a CVO can vary depending on the model, and you can usually see a CVO cruiser within the range of $35,000. While many people are turned off by the high price-tag, Harley riders have to admit that the price is well-justified. Ask any owner of a Harley-Davidson CVO, and they will tell you that, for all the perks that come with the bike, the price of such a custom Harley is reasonable. If you were to go out with a stock bike and source a higher-performance engine, get custom paint, add accessories, and deck it out in chrome, of course, your DIY bill would be significantly higher than the CVO stock price.

It depends on whether your need to have the best-of-the-best is higher than your determination to self-customize, but it just goes to show that there are indeed different strokes for different folks.


What do you think about the Harley-Davidson CVO? Are they worth the price-tag? Comment down below and let me know, and check out more of our reviews here!


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