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Newsworthy: Harley-Davidson's 2018 Recap

Dec 16, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

Harley in the News: Some of 2018's Biggest Moments

As 2018 comes to an eventful close, it’s exciting and interesting to reflect on exactly what happened this year within an industry we love. Every year, something reasonably eventful tends to occur and it typically leads to some discussion. This year has been one with a lot of twists and turns, with some unexpected motorcycle companies coming out of the woodwork with some new amazing rides, and other companies hinting they are looking to change their tune.

A huge player in this year’s events? Harley-Davidson. While every brand had some shift and change that caused some impact, Harley has continued to remain front page news through the majority of 2018. 


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The Harley-Davidson recall

While this is one of the most recent events in Harley-Davidson news, it’s a huge one. Harley-Davidson is a household name, even among homes that aren’t involved in the motorcycle hobby. The Harley-Davidson recall in October of this year claimed 238,000 models from 2017 to 2018, all because of a widespread clutch issue that those models were experiencing. It affected Softail, Tours, and more bikes than Harley was probably okay with admitting. This wasn’t just a big deal for Harley; it was a big deal for the industry, and still is. The motorcycle industry itself, specifically here in America, is at a very unique point in its history and this added to that. When a brand experiences this big of a problem, they, and some others, are forced to dedicate even more time and effort to create the perfect motorcycle.  


Source: John Maxwell YouTube 

The new Harley-Davidson 2018 adventure motorcycles

This is huge within the industry itself, and that’s because Harley has spread out to a style and area that wasn’t expected of them. They’re dipping their toes in slightly uncharted waters which can be seen with the Pan America and the LiveWire electric motorcycle, both of which were very unexpected. These are bikes you wouldn’t think of when you hear the word “Harley,” and that’s why these additions were so newsworthy. These are bikes that will become attractive to a different demographic and market than Harley is used to. And that alone is a big deal. This is a brand that traditionally has stuck to what they know they do well and serving exactly what their audience wants. This new territory will mean big things.

Source: Horsepower YouTube 

The 2018 Harley Softails

When Harley announced back in 2017 that the Dyna family would be no more, there were equal parts excitement and anger. It came as a surprise to some, but it also didn’t come as a shock to other Harley lovers. After news like the death of the Dyna shook the industry up a bit, many Harley lovers and loyalist started questioning their ties to the brand. This was especially the case for those who were unhappy about the Dyna news. It left a sound worry over what kinds of bikes Harley would be produced from then on. However, when the 2018 Softails finally made their greatly anticipated debut, it hit hard. The new Softail 2018 family, for many Harley lovers, was exactly what they were hoping for. Their worries for the brand were hushed with these motorcycle introductions and the reply to them has been very positive. A huge success for Harley!

Source: Cycle World YouTube 

The 115th Anniversary

Do you know what can happen in 115 years? The short answer is “a lot,” and Harley proves that. This past August into September, Harley celebrated 115 years of operation and that was no small feat. In an industry and country that bases itself on competition and survival of the fittest, Harley continued to demand their presence within the industry. They’ve worked hard to create a foundation, brand, and community that has proven to stand the test of time. They’ve flourished; they’ve positively impacted the industry and lit a drive of fire with other motorcycle companies. All the while, they continue to push the boundaries to add to an industry they’ve helped to cultivate.

Source: Today's TMJ4 YouTube 

Harley-Davidson has had a year, and that’s an understatement. Whether those things were positive or negative, what happened this year has put Harley in a motivated position. They have to be motivated to continue to provide bikes that are unlike the increasingly high competition. They have to continue to keep a firm grasp on the foundation and community they’ve created, while also attracting new riders. They have to stay true to who they are and what they stand for, but not let that get in the way of innovation and change. Harley has proven in 115 years that they’re a brand that is capable of lasting in deep water. They’re a brand that’s rich in American history.

We can’t wait to see what 2019 holds. But one thing is for sure, it’s going to be an eventful year.


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