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The History of Harley-Davidson (Quiz)

Jul 8, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

How much do you know about Harley Davidson history?

It's time for some friendly trivia competition, and the best part is that it involves one of America's favorite and most beloved brands. You know the one.

Harley-Davidson is a household name that has roots and a foundation that is deep in American made motorcycle history, and, with so much  to tell, it kinda begs the question whether you really know as much about the brand as you claim you do. Sure, maybe you ride your Harley with pride and enthusiasm, but can you really proclaim yourself as a Harley enthusiast without knowing where it got its start? It's time to really test your knowledge on the brand, and see if you're as much of a Harley lover as you claim to be.  Take the quiz to test your knowledge of Harley Davidson history! 


So? How'd you do? Leave a comment and tell me your score, then share  on social media to see whether your friends are (or aren't) geniuses. 


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Written by Logan Reed

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