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How to Maintain a Motorcycle Battery: Advice for Beginners

Jan 20, 2020 2:00:00 PM / by RumbleOn Road Captain

Motorcycle Advice for Beginners: How to Maintain a Motorcycle Battery

Despite how much you do (or don’t) look forward to motorcycle maintenance, taking care of your ride is just as necessary as taking care of your car, especially if commuting is its primary function. And, as far as maintenance tasks go, battery upkeep is a hot topic. 

While the average motorcycle battery can last up to 48 months, its lifespan really depends on your due diligence as a bike owner, i.e. how often you service it. Leave it unattended for too long, and the consequences could be extremely unforgiving (like being miserably late to a performance review, even though it had been on the calendar for weeks). 

To save you (and your boss) from future upset, here's a handy infographic to guide you through how to maintain a motorcycle battery: 

How to maintain a motorcycle battery

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