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How to Sell a Motorcycle Online to RumbleOn

Feb 16, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by RumbleOn Road Captain

RumbleOn: The Best Way to Sell a Motorcycle Online

RumbleOn prides itself on its ability to make buying, selling, or trading a motorcycle online a seamless and secure process. We aren’t shy about sharing our expertise when it comes to selling a bike, especially; in fact, we’d love for you to become an expert, too.

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Because the RumbleOn marketplace is the only one of its kind, it’ll most likely be your first experience trusting this online platform with your motorcycle. And while the RumbleOn process is simple, we realize that some sellers might be a little uneasy about doing business online. Fortunately, we’re here to put the fear and hassle of selling your bike online to rest. At RumbleOn, we understand that when it comes to your bike you want to know the best way to sell a motorcycle, step-by-step.

Learn how to sell a motorcycle online using the steps we’ve outlined below, and put yourself that much closer to getting a cash offer for your bike:

Step One - Enter your VIN:
We know you have concerns about entering your VIN online, but remember: your VIN is not like your Social Security Number. Yes, it’s an important string of numbers and letters, but it’s also a necessary piece of information to anyone wanting to assess your bike. At RumbleOn, we use your VIN to tell us where your bike was built, accidents it may have been involved in, work that’s been done to it, as well as the number of people who have owned it prior to you. 


Step Two - Provide the details:
We know you love your bike, and chances are we’ll like it, too! Feel free to share any and all details about your bike; the more backstory you provide, the better understanding we’ll have. And the more we understand your ride, the better your chances are of getting a cash offer you favor.

Let us know how you’ve customized it, whether it comes with additional perks like a radio, or if it just got a brand new set of tires. The more transparent you are with us, the more transparent RumbleOn can be with you.


Step Three - Show off your bike:
The truth is, while a KBB motorcycle value is used to predict what a dealer might offer you for your bike, RumbleOn, instead, uses live-market data to calculate a cash offer that’s more suitable and in-line with the live market.

That's why it's so important to submit clear photos of your motorcycle. Images that are blurry or poorly lit won’t be able to properly represent your bike's condition, and our cash offer will reflect this. So, take some time to get your motorcycle camera-ready.

Once you’ve snapped a few pics (we suggest six) make sure each one fully showcases the quality of your bike before sending them our way. This step makes a huge impact.

RumbleOn Motorcycle App Guided Photos

Step Four - Create an account:
After you provide RumbleOn with the information we need about your bike, you’ll create an account with us, which you can access at any time using a computer or our free motorcycle app. Your account will allow us to communicate with you more effectively, ensuring the process of selling your bike remains easy and hassle-free.

And, in case you were wondering, any personal account information you share with us will not be shared with anyone else. We hope knowing this instills confidence in you that RumbleOn is, in fact, the best way to sell a motorcycle.

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Step Five - Get Your Offer:
Once your account is set up, we’ll send a confirmation message to the email address you’ve shared with us. In this message, we’ll ask you to confirm whether the email address you’ve provided is correct, and then provide a link to activate your account. Once it’s activated, we’ll be able to take a look at your bike and, during business hours, we can send you a cash offer in just 15 minutes!

At that point, it’s up to you to decide if you want to accept our offer, and a simple click  of the "Accept" button seals the deal! 


Remember to check your spam folder and add us to the safe list because sometimes our cash offers can get missed that way.


And if at any point you’d like to make changes to your account, our free motorcycle app allows you to do so even as you’re on the go.

How to sell your motorcycle for cash to RumbleOn


Step Six - Print your prepaid label:
Now that you accepted your offer, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label sent to your mailing address. We’ll include a list of documents we’ll need from you as well, and these will need to be shipped to us. As soon as we have those documents in hand, we can either directly deposit your cash offer into your checking account, or you can choose to have a check mailed to you. There are no strings attached in either case. You don’t have to worry about bringing your motorcycle anywhere, either! Once you get your offer, we’ll send one of our RumbleOn drivers to pick it up.

If all of this is not enough to convince you that RumbleOn is the best way to sell a motorcycle, don’t worry, we understand. But, the process really is as easy as it sounds, and we’re confident it’s the best online option for most. When we give you a cash offer, we’ll consider things like the bike’s make and model, the miles you may have put on it, any work you might have done to fix ‘er up, as well as the market’s demand for your bike.

At the end of the day, selling your motorcycle doesn’t have to be a hassle, so we invite you to come Rumble with us! 


Trade a motorcycle online and have a new ride shipped right to your doorstep!

RumbleOn welcomes trades of all kinds! Get a cash offer for your bike or other vehicle online, then use your trade-in value toward the purchase of your new bike or other powersport vehicle! Read more about online motorcycle trades here.

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