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What Information is Contained in a Motorcycle VIN?

Mar 9, 2019 6:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

Motorcycle VIN Check: Sell a Motorcycle Online

Enough funny stuff. Is it OK to give out a VIN number?

Regardless of what you may have heard, giving out your motorcycle VIN (that is, the Vehicle Identification Number) is not the equivalent of supplying the world with your Social Security Number.

While they may look equally as important, a VIN can tell us no more about your blood type than could a feral raccoon who’s just been handed an abacus (if you aren’t sure what an abacus is, it’s OK—neither is he).  


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Can you get personal information from a VIN number?

When you want to sell a motorcycle or ATV to RumbleOn, we ask you to enter your bike’s VIN into the motorcycle VIN decoder. We aren’t demanding you fork over any of your life’s most intimate details. We simply don’t need your life’s story to create a VIN report for motorcycles. Instead, what we need are details about your vehicle that will help us help YOU sell your bike. Believe us, if we could make you the best cash offer without running a motorcycle VIN check first, we would.

As it were, however, we need certain information about your vehicle that only its VIN can provide, including its make and model, the traits that make it unique, the year it was made, and, of course, who made it. While these details may be revealing for your bike, they in no way expose you, the owner.

What information is included in a motorcycle VIN check

So, is it OK to give out VIN numbers? Better yet, is it safe to give out your vin number? Absolutely.

Should I share my VIN number?

That depends: with whom would you be sharing it and for what purpose? The raccoon certainly doesn’t need to know whether your bike is a Harley-Davidson or a Honda, but an interested buyer (ahem, RumbleOn) will.

Understand that sending VIN numbers to potential buyers is an important and necessary step to sell a motorcycle as it allows interested parties to objectively assess your bike’s credentials. RumbleOn will use your vehicle or motorcycle VIN to research the year, make, and model. Once we know what your bike’s been up to, we’ll be able to send you a FREE cash offer within 15 minutes, putting you that much closer to a payday or trading in for a new ride.


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