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What Information is Contained in a Motorcycle VIN Number?

Dec 2, 2020 4:50:09 PM / by Logan Reed

Should I share my motorcycle VIN number with RumbleOn?

With so much technology at our disposal these days the ease and convenience of online shopping has become evermore alluring. And what could be more convenient than buying a used motorcycle online? 

Motorcycle VIN

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At some point, though, all good things have their day with the proverbial double-edged sword. 

When you purchase something online, for example, you have to disclose certain details (name, address, credit card number, etc.) to complete the transaction. And if you aren’t cautious about who you disclose this info to, you could be making yourself vulnerable to online scammers who would love nothing more than to put you in a world of virtual hurt.   

Fortunately, that is far from what you can expect when you do business with RumbleOn. We know it can be intimidating to submit your vehicle’s credentials online, which is why we guarantee a 100% safe virtual environment for consumers to buy, sell, and trade used powersports. 


Is it safe to give out your VIN number to RumbleOn?

Yes. When you sell a motorcycle to RumbleOn, we ask that you provide us with a few credentials before we can get the ball rolling; first and foremost, your motorcycle VIN number. 

What information is included in a motorcycle VIN check

Rest assured, we won’t be able to glean any personal information about you from your VIN. Instead, we’ll learn specifics about your bike, including the year it was made as well as its make and model. And while these details may be revealing for your motorcycle, they in no way expose you.

So, is it safe to give out your VIN number to a legitimate buyer? Absolutely.


Why should I share my VIN number online?

An interested and legitimate buyer like RumbleOn will need the information contained within your VIN to determine its market value and, later, your cash offer amount. Details such as whether your bike is a Harley-Davidson or a Honda, what year it was made, and whether it’s a special edition, are revealed only after the VIN number for motorcycles is supplied by the seller; afterwards, a buyer like RumbleOn will be able to make a competitive offer for your ride. 

Understand that sending VIN numbers to legitimate buyers is a necessary step to sell a motorcycle as it allows interested parties to objectively assess your bike’s worth. Once we know what your bike’s been up to, we’ll be able to send you a FREE cash offer within 15 minutes, putting you that much closer to a payday or trading in for a new ride.

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