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The Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Motorcycles

Dec 9, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Cam

Kid riders: The best Christmas gifts for the motorcycle-loving kid in your life

There’re a lot of things to be proud of when it comes to our riding life. The motorcycle itself is something that makes us smile, along with the gear we pick, the vests we wear, and the motorcycle clubs that we associate ourselves with. But you know what moment makes a rider the proudest?

No, I’m not talking about when your bike wins “Best in Show” in a competition, but it’s a close second. The thing that makes a rider the proudest is when your child shows the same love and appreciation for the bike-life. It’s when your child keeps bugging you to go out for a ride, or refuses to get off the motorcycle. It’s when they ask for a helmet that’s customized to them, and when they finally master the biker wave.

It doesn’t take much to say those motorcycle kids are the best kind of kid (sorry, Soccer Mom Janet). Christmas is almost here and those same kids are doe-eyed and ready for what's waiting under the tree this year. But if you know them really well-or Santa knows them really well-you know that they’ll love gifts that tie right back into the riding life.

Here’s a slideshow of gift ideas to consider for your little riders Christmas gifts this year. If they’ve been a good kid, then they probably deserve them all. If they’ve been a bad kid? Well, maybe you just didn’t take them out on the bike enough this year! 

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Written by Cam

I'm new to riding, and I'm here to tell everyone about it! Follow my articles on advice for new motorcycle riders and overviews of some of the most popular motorcycles on the road.