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The Story of Lucy the Night Rod Special

Mar 2, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

I Love Lucy: The Story of Lucy the Night Rod Special

When you trade or sell a Harley-Davidson to RumbleOn, you give it a new chance at life.

When “Lucy,” a 2011 Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special, was sold to RumbleOn, she came with a whole lot of extra features. It was obvious this Harley Night Rod was cared for by her owner as upgrades were painstakingly installed and the bike was pristine. But something else was included with this beautiful Night Rod Special, something unexpected: a backstory.

“To the new owner of this motorcycle…my Lucy!” he began.

“This motorcycle has been meticulously preserved, maintained, and cared for. In 2011, I bought it new from my local Harley Davidson dealership…just arrived and displayed in a showcase window. My main intentions were to customize it and make it one-of-a-kind…AS WELL I DID!”

Like many bike owners, Lucy’s previous owner formed a special connection with his leading lady. Unlike many, however, Lucy’s took the time to write a letter to her future owner. In it, he detailed not only the history between man and bike, but also every custom alteration that had ever been made to the Harley Night Rod:

Lucy the Harley Night Rod Special

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“For example, I had the stock exhaust replaced with Vance [and] Hines Indy series 2-into-1 before it even left the dealership,” he said. “I replaced every imaginable piece of stock equipment with a more fancier and appealing part. The original color of the fenders, scoop, etc. were sedona orange (look it up online for 2011 models). I wanted an all blacked-out shiny black bike…the manufacturer didn’t offer shiny black for their 2011 models.

I sent these multiple pieces to a company that specializes in custom painting (Custom Flames, Inc.). I cannot even begin to list all the specialized Harley aftermarket parts I put on this bike…look it up online and compare to original stock equipment.”

Whether the previous owner personally made these alterations or not, every modification was carefully noted in the letter we received, including, especially, Lucy’s Night Rod special exhaust.  

Lucy the Harley Night Rod Special

“I later installed a Vance [and] Hines fuel pack to accommodate the special exhaust,” he said. “I also removed the exhaust and had them “Jet Hotted” at a specialty company that does ceramic jet-hot work for airplanes, jets, engine blocks, etc. (reduces heat factors substantially).”  

Lucy the Harley Night Rod Special

It’s clear Lucy’s former owner wanted to ensure every inch of this stunning bike would be appreciated by whoever was lucky enough to own her next.

“All-in-all, a very considerable amount of time was put into this bike,” he explained. “I rode it very little. It stayed on a hydraulic lift, garage-kept, maintained and…preserved. It NEVER was in the rain…in fact, not even a water hose was ever used to clean it…Always used a water spray bottle and cloths. This bike stayed in an atmospherically climate-controlled environment.”

As for those who question why he took such great pains to preserve the custom Night Rod Special (for sale, no longer), the previous owner offers an explanation that Vance and Hines, Night Rods, and bikers everywhere would be pleased to read.  

“You might ask: Why didn’t I ride it? Why did I buy it? Well, I don’t ride motorcycles,” he said. “I wanted to learn to ride, but I am MORE interested in the design, the mechanical-end, the customization, and detail-oriented side of vehicles. I’m a well-trained Mechanical Chief Engineer…self motivated turned hobbyist.  

I’m exceptionally proud of bringing ‘My Lucy’ to life. She is a beast…she is a wild horse…she is one-of-a-kind.

WARNING (just like you see from motorcycle manufacturers), be sure to know what you’re doing when operating a motorcycle,” he said. “This bike could be put on the drag track. This bike WILL perform beyond expectations…GUARANTEED. This bike is DEFINITELY an eye-opener. This bike is…well, ‘My Lucy.’


With that, we wanted to provide some of our own backstory for those seeking to sell their motorcycle to RumbleOn. Much like Lucy’s first owner, RumbleOn understands how precious each and every bike is, which is why we send only bonded, insured, and certified transporters to pick up the vehicle one to two weeks after the title has been transferred over to us.

A dedicated and respectful bunch, our transporters give our customers the time they need to say goodbyes. But, before we arrange to have one of our transporters retrieve your bike, we need you to make sure the address you’ve provided is current and, most importantly, that you will be there for pickup! Believe us, we understand that life is full of surprises and appreciate the effort you’ll make to be there—your bike will, too.    

Once your motorcycle is in our possession, RumbleOn will transport it to the fulfillment center closest to your pick-up location. There, a trained specialist will take photos and conduct a condition report. And don’t worry, we won’t make any changes to your bike beyond addressing any immediate safety concerns!  

At RumbleOn, we appreciate the time and effort you’ve devoted to your bike, and nothing pleases us more than being able to guarantee it will remain in good hands with us.


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