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Military Motorcycles: Test Your Knowledge (Quiz)

Nov 9, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

How much do you know about military motorcycles?

The United States of America has been protected by some pretty amazing men and women throughout history, and they continue to keep us safe day after day through their never-ending bravery and selflessness. 

Alongside some of our country's finest have also been some pretty amazing vehicles. Motorcycles were used in war to support soldiers on their travels and in active duty, and have been utilized for scouting missions, escorting convoys, and a variety of other important duties.

American motorcycle companies have also helped support the cause throughout the years, which is why so many riders have shown such enthusiasm and devotion towards these brands. Whether it’s an Indian Motorcycle, a Victory, or a Harley-Davidson, all helped produce bikes to back our country's war efforts.

Military Motorcycles

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Now you probably think you’re quite the war history buff, right? I mean, how could you not be after reading all of the great articles we have on the subject? But, just to see how much you actually know, we have put together this trivia quiz to test your knowledge. Comment down below and let us know how you did! Also, don’t forget to share the quiz so your friends can see just how much they know. Plus, if ya beat them, you get some serious bragging rights.


Military Motorcycles History Quiz




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