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Motorcycle Zodiac: What Kind of Motorcycle Matches Your Sign? (Video)

Mar 31, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

Motorcycle Zodiac: What Kind of Bike Matches Your Sign?

Astrology is fun. I mean, seriously. It was made to entertain for all those ancient guys who hung out in togas drunk off their ass on homemade wine. As extravagant as those dudes were, I can imagine how insane their parties were. Can you imagine if they had the technology to ride and rally back then? Sheesh, we'd find out real quick whether natural selection, wine, and two wheels bade well for Socrates as he got sloshed and talked about love and other such things. 

Some people live and die by their astrological horoscope, and others, well, don't really give them a passing thought. The times have certainly changed, and, while the tales of the zodiac have fallen out of relevance in today's age, sometimes horoscopes can be good for a little weird entertainment here and there. I admit, I'm guilty. It's still  fun to read up on  my birth sign and see if it really does strike any relevance.
Horoscopes aren't all just about love and luck, though. There are even some astrological traits that can be read via your choice of bike. We're looking to the stars for a bit of fun. Want to know your motorcycle horoscope? Check out this video!


What's your sign? Did you like this bit of motorcycle astrology? Leave us a comment and  let us know!


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