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Motorcycle Life Hacks Every Biker Should Know

Oct 10, 2017 9:54:46 AM / by Logan Reed

Motorcycle Pro Tips and Life Hacks

These days, there are life hacks for everything, the bike life included. DIY motorcycle tips and mods, home decor and crafts, and do-it-yourself helmet expression are just a few. But, when it comes to making your day-to-day rides and motorcycle maintenance just a little bit easier, sometimes it takes something impossibly simple to make all the difference.


Check out these motorcycle life hacks, and feel free to share your own in a comment! While you're at it, check out these other DIY motorcycle tips.


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Don't get screwed.
Easily keep track of all the screws you remove when doing maintenance on your motorcycle. Just poke them into a labeled piece of cardboard. (Credit and shout out to Reddit u/tgptgp for this life hack!)
Don't lose any more screws with this motorcylce life hack u/tgptgp.
Take a stand.
Crush a coke can and put it under your kickstand to keep it from sinking into soft ground or sliding on unstable surfaces.


What a wipeout.

Need to clean up all the bugs you killed but you aren't done riding yet? Use baby wipes. They’re easy to carry and work great as a short-term cleaning solution for pretty much every surface, leathers and helmets included.Baby wipe motorcycle life hack.


Baby it's cold outside.
Does cold weather have your gloved fingers a little numb? Wear tight-fitting latex gloves under your riding gloves for an extra layer of lightweight insulation.
Head in a fog?
Use dandruff shampoo to wash your visor. After rinsing, it will act as an anti-fog coating. 
Head and Shoulders is a defogger life hack for motorcycle helmets.

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