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Motorcycle vs Car: Here's Why You Should Ride

Jan 19, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Keith Jacobs

Why Your Love for the Road Shouldn’t Stop With Your Car

Nothing makes you happier than driving your car, but how can you make the road experience a little sweeter? By allowing your love of driving to turn into an interest in riding. Motorcycles are an exciting and logical next step in your pursuit of motor excellence, and they can be a thrilling mode of transportation. Here are a few more reasons why automobile lovers should consider lending interest to motorcycles.

Motorcycle price tag

Don’t Be Put Off By The Price Tag

For many motor enthusiasts, price is a major concern when it comes to adding a motorcycle to their collection. But picking up your first bike doesn’t have to mean blowing through your budget, especially if you’re up for scouting the second-hand market. You can typically find listings for pre-owned motorcycles in quality condition through second hand selling sites, but you can also sell your own items to get the extra cash you need for the motorcycle of your dreams.

While you may think using second-hand resources is only good for scoring a couple extra bucks, the reality is that most families in the US are holding onto $3,100 in unused items, with an average of 50 potential moneymakers hiding in their homes. And according to Gumtree, the number of unwanted goods in Australian households is only 25 but the potential value is $4,200! Stateside or Down Under, that could be enough to snag a used bike of your own, or to provide a sizeable down payment on a new cruiser to help you explore the open road in comfort and style. Many new models can be bought for under $10,000 but even the top of the line cruisers still come in well under $30,000 (much more affordable than your typical new car).


Riding is Just as Thrilling as Driving Your Car

People often fall in love with their cars because they have a passion for driving. There’s no better feeling than shifting gears, pressing the gas, and exploring your world. Until you experience that high cruising on a motorcycle. Rather than simply traversing the roads around you, riding a motorcycle allows you to more fully immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and sensations on the road. It’s a sense of excitement, connection and freedom like no other means of transportation.

If you are looking to get your thrills in the US, take a look at these epic American motorcycle adventures. Experience the epic mountains in South Dakota or stop in a few charming mountain towns in Colorado. Sightseeing through the States on a bike is the best way to experience the varying landscapes and natural beauty. Australia also has some gorgeous motorcycle trips you can take as well. Enjoy a relaxing Oxley Highway ride down the coast or get your adrenaline pumping with the curves and challenges along the way from Balingup to Nannup.

 Motorcycles are fun to ride

Learning to Ride Can Be as Easy as Learning to Drive

Before you broker your love for cars into a passion for motorcycles, you do need to keep some important safety tips in mind. Just like an automobile, knowing how to ride should be your first step in exploring this new interest. Take the process one step at a time and don’t be put off if you feel a bit nervous! Just like any exciting activity, part of the thrill of riding a motorcycle is recognizing some of the dangers and acknowledging the skill it takes to ride safely.

Most enthusiasts would recommend a motorcycle safety course if you are new to riding or experiencing any apprehension about learning. You can take a course with a manufacturer or look for local riding courses that will give you the hands-on teaching you need to feel confident. Before you climb on, however, be sure to pick up some essential motorcycle gear, to keep you safe, protected and riding in style. That last bit is one of the coolest parts about trading your love for cars for a little time on a motorcycle.

There’s no reason why your passion for four wheels can’t translate into a zeal for two. Motorcycles can be a great side hobby for car enthusiasts and can offer you a different experience of the roads you love!

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