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Open Road Girls Apparel is Creating a Culture

May 13, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Cam

Motorcycles for Women: The face behind 'Open Road Girl'

The world of riding doesn’t just open up the road, it opens up opportunities. The culture opens your mind to different possibilities, and for Malinda Johnson, it changed the course and direction that her life would take. The freedom that riding gives you is not easily achieved anywhere else. But once you get even a taste of that feeling, you’re hooked. The road and riding become an actual part of your life. But Johnson took the freedom she experienced with riding and transferred it to other parts of her life.


Malinda Johnson, the founder and creator of Open Road Girl, an online retailer for female riding apparel, wanted her work to mimic the same freedom that she experiences with riding.

“I wanted to be in business for myself, and I had a passion for motorcycling,” Johnson said. “I wanted to support other ladies who were out there riding. I learned quickly that if you do what you love to do, it doesn’t feel like work. I knew there was a need for women’s apparel in the motorcycle industry, because I was one of those women who needed it.”

open road girl malinda

So, in 2010, Johnson’s dream of Open Road Girls was made a reality. It would become a marketplace for clothing and accessories that female riders could access in an industry where female apparel options weren’t as widely available as male. While the culture is quickly becoming more open and welcoming for female riders, a majority of male riders continues to impact the resources available for females. But for Johnson, it was about more than the clothing. It was about creating a place where female riders felt they belonged.

“Open Road Girl was started selling apparel,” Johnson said. “But it’s become a community for women all over the world to find support, advice, encouragement, and friendship with other female riders. It’s a great feeling to belong to an amazing group of loving, supportive women.”

The riding culture is one filled with some fantastic people, as can be seen with various motorcycle clubs and the help and assistance they give to great causes. It’s filled with riders who are consistently supportive and embracing, no matter who you are and where you come from. When Johnson was asked if the male riders in her circle supported her and what she was doing, it was no surprise to hear that they were all for it.

“Men have been very supportive in general. We have some apparel for men, and in my experience, men are quite proud to support the Open Road Girl brand and the ladies they love, who are Open Road girls.”

open road girls shirt

Starting her own business has not been an easy task, though, as could be expected. It’s involved seven day work weeks, endless hours dedicated to the company, and a willingness to accept help and assistance from others. But despite the difficulties, for Johnson, it’s well worth it, and she’s eager to see what the future holds for Open Road Girls.

“The goal is to become the leading, worldwide supplier of motorcycle apparel for women,” says Johnson. “It’s to build access to a worldwide community for women to feel empowered, interact with, learn from, and use as a tool to find the ladies they love who are Open Road Girls.”

Much like anything within the riding world, Open Road Girls has quickly become a culture for people who enjoy riding and enjoy each other. It has become a place where female riders can feel like they’re part of a unit and family.

Johnson’s best-selling item on her site?

open road girls bombshell jacket

“The bombshell jacket,” she says. “It really enhances the female curves and has beautiful thread colors for the logo and bling. They repeatedly say they love the style and functionality.”

As any seasoned rider knows, it’s not just about how the jacket looks, but about what it can withstand. Open Road Girls is an additional shopping spot for female riders to enjoy, along with a culture that they can jump into.

The road can be long and winding, and it’s the people you have alongside you that help make the adventure one worth taking. The creation, continuation, and growth of Open Road Girls is an adventure within itself, and for all those who want to join along for the ride, the more, the better!

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Open Road Girls culture, or you’re looking to rep some of their clothing, pay their site a visit and ride on it!


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