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This Ducati Monster Motorcycle Features 24k Gold Pieces

Jun 23, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

New Ducati Monster: An Artistic Spin on a Ducati Favorite

When you think of the brand Ducati, your first thought is typically not going to be how affordable the brand is. You might be rolling in enough money to call a Ducati purchase “chump change,” but for the majority of riders, it’s a brand that isn’t necessarily the most affordable. It’s typically considered an Italian luxury brand among most circles of riders, and it has a very particular look that might not appeal to everyone.


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And while there’s a selection of Ducati bikes with a price tag that makes my eyes wide, the Ducati Monster 1200R is a bike that might take the cake. Ducati partnered with Atelier, a custom motorcycle brand in Germany, and this partnership really helped to push this bike entirely over the edge. And if German partnerships have showed us one thing, it’s that the bikes born out of these united forces are not like what you normally see on the market. It might not be at the same level that this Harley Davidson, but it doesn’t seem like it’s too far off.  

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This Ducati model is luxurious, so much so that it’s covered in 24K gold accent pieces. Because when you have a ridiculous amount of gold at your disposal, what else are you going to do with it? It’s a big contrast with the forest green color of the bike, and as if the Ducati style didn’t stand out enough already, the gold just takes it to a whole other level.

This isn’t just a stock bike that you’re going to find in any dealership, either. Just as the Ducati Desmoquattro is an engine all its own, this bike was created with attention and touches that most bikes don’t get to see. It has hand-stitched seats because they apparently wanted your ass to get that special attention that it deserves.

It’s no surprise that, through the history of Ducati, a majority of the people that own a Ducati Monster are A-list celebrities with an annual earning of numbers that I can’t even read without stuttering over. But that should go to show the level of “sophisticated vibe” this bike gives off. It has an exposed engine and frame that’s given it the look that it’s so well known for, and a man named Miguel Angel Galluzzi designed it. Yes, it’s a super artistic sounding name for a super artistic looking bike.

Source: Moto Introduction 


As previously stated, it has a look that will work for some people, but won’t work for others. But that’s the beauty of the industry. There's a bike out there for everyone. It doesn’t matter what qualities you want on it, or how high your standards are, because there’s a bike out there that can reach those expectations. That’s usually reliant on how thick your wallet is and how much you’re willing to throw toward a bike, but the thought still stands.

Whether you’re a Harley-, Indian-, Triumph-, Victory-, Honda-, or Ducati-lover, the more creative and artistic a brand is willing to get for their rides, the more it will impact the industry for the better. Because when competition is high, and brands are fighting tooth and nail to see which one will come on top, you can expect that effort to be showcased in the quality of bikes we get to choose from. And a world where the sky’s the limit and the road is long, is a world that I love to live in.


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