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NPA Condition Report: Term Definitions

Dec 9, 2018 3:00:00 PM / by RumbleOn Road Captain

The definitions of NPA Condition Report Terminology

NPA, otherwise known as National Powersport Auctions, is a provider of powersport auction services for dealers across the nation. As one of the go-to sources for auction-related services, the NPA provides thorough information and services to its network.

The NPA Condition Report system is the most comprehensive motorcycle inspection process in the industry. NPA Condition Reports offer sellers the most accurate depiction of cosmetic and mechanical conditions through careful assessment. With a Condition Report from the NPA, you can buy a used motorcycle online with confidence, and know that every aspect of the vehicle has been analyzed and evaluated against make, model and year standards.

If you're deciding between new vs. used All Rumble Ready vehicles come with a comprehensive Condition Report from the NPA. To help you determine what information you'll receive, here is a dictionary of some of the terms you'll find in an NPA Condition Report. 


Bottom Frame Rail Scrape = 8: This is a normal scrape for the particular model.


Cosmetic Damage: Deep scrapes or road rash, changed shape, large dents, or broken parts. Units with cosmetic damage will need more than just repainting, they will need repair or replacement.


Cosmetic Heavy: Paint chipped sometimes down to the metal, deep scratches in plastic, needs recon in order to look new. 


Cosmetic Light: fine scratches or scrapes. Generally, the effects can be buffed out, polished, etc., or they really do not distract from the overall appearance of the bike. These are serviceable issues that can be done without replacing.


Engine Mechanical: The way an engine runs.


Engine Cosmetic: The way an engine looks.


INOP/Unable to Verify: If there is no score, or the vehicle is listed as Not Rated, then that means that NPA was unable to score that component due to outside factors.


Numbers 1 through 9: Condition Reports from the NPA rank vehicles on a scale from 1 - 9. No vehicles will receive a perfect 10, simply because these are used motorcycles. This ranking is so that we are able to fully know the condition of the vehicle, and, in turn, pass that information on to you, the customer, through the Condition Report.


Runs/Internal Wear: Abnormal noise in the motor, a serviceable issue, or smoking.


Runs/Mechanical Issue: Loud noises or possible tear down of the motor.


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