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A Look at Different Police Motorcycles Around The World

Jul 6, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Wes

Which motorcycles are the most widely used by police departments?

The world is a very big place. How big? 7.53 billion people big. And, in order to keep tabs on the safety of all of those people, you need lots of police officers. Some of the lucky ones out of those police officers ride motorcycles instead of patrolling in squad cars.

Motorcycle police officers are located throughout the globe. From Europe to Asia and every continent in between, you can find a motorcycle cop doing his or her job. 

If you thought there was one brand of motorcycle that is used by the police, think again. Not all law enforcement bikes are created equal, and you’re about to see the differences in each. Enjoy!

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Now that you know which police motorcycles are being used throughout the world, you’ll need to think twice about speeding. I’m totally joking. But seriously, be safe out there. 


We want to say thank you to our heroes.

If you’re a hero, we want you to know how much we appreciate your sacrifice. Police officers, firefighters, EMTs, and American military service members will receive a $500 eGift card with any bike they purchase. We care about our heroes and we want them to know how much they mean to us all and our freedom. Sacrifice isn’t overlooked. We honor our heroes!

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Written by Wes

As a veteran motorcycle rider and garage gearhead, I'm no spring chicken. I'm here to give tips for beginner motorcycle riders and car enthusiasts, and teach the ways of the road.