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Funny and Logical Reasons Why Motorcycles are Perfect in College

Sep 2, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

How to Save Money in College: Ride a Motorcycle

You know what's fun? College. It's a damn good time. You know what's even more fun? Riding a motorcycle.

Now, naturally, when you combine two very fun things into one beautiful package, you might actually have a constant smile plastered on your face. And trust me, there's worse problems to have.

But even when you take the "fun" factor out of it, there's actually a valid amount of reasons as to why owning a motorcycle in college is a good idea. And while I'm sure some people might beg to differ, the reality is that they might actually be the most cost effective options. But why stop at just one reason? Take a look at some of the reasons that make motorcycle in college a good idea! 


1.) Gas Prices:
Let’s face it, the days of a gallon of gas being under $1 are gone for good, and as a college student, that’s probably all you could afford anyway. $50-60 to fill up an SUV definitely starts to add up. But with a motorcycle, their tanks hold around 4-5 gallons and get at least close to 40 MPG. Filling up for $10 means lots of extra coffee money.


2.) Cost of Ownership:

If you’re not one of the lucky ones who are above us mere mortals and have a brand-new Range Rover thanks to Dad, you might be scrambling for a vehicle for school. Compared to a car or truck, the cost of a motorcycle is incredibly low, including maintenance and upkeep costs.

3.) Lane Splitting:

Running late to class because of traffic? Simple: with a motorcycle, you can just cut through traffic. While you may become the recipient of a one-fingered salute from some people, this perfectly legal maneuver will have you back on campus in no time.

4.) Parking:

I have seen the horror that is a college parking lot. If you don’t camp out two weeks early, then good luck finding a parking spot to get to your 9 AM class. Oh, and parking tickets? Forget about that being in the budget. Luckily, parking lots have spots that are designated for motorcycles only, and you’ll also be able to zip out of there when class gets out, avoiding that parking lot traffic jam and those giddy meter readers. 

5.)  De-stress:

I’m all for having mental health clinics at universities. But have you ever seen a motorcycle parked at a therapist's office? If homework and finals have you freaking out, you can just hop on your bike and experience an amazing and fun way to de-stress and clear your mind.

6.)  Insurance:

Going back to the financial benefits – if you’re a college student, chances are that insurance companies will charge you anywhere from $200-300 per month. However, with motorcycle insurance, you could only have to fork over $150-200 for the entire year. With all these savings across the board, hell, why not buy two bikes?

7.) Social Life Boost:

While I know there are (honestly too many) clubs and organizations on campus, none of them create a bond quite like bikers. I don’t see the math club meeting up on their motorcycles and just going for a drive down the open road or having a rally. What a sight that would be.

8.) Girls Love a Guy on a Bike:

Sure, you could rush a fraternity if you want to meet girls. But if you don’t feel like dying from alcohol poisoning just yet, a motorcycle is clearly the better alternative.


9.) Biker Girls. ‘Nuff Said:

I don’t know about you, but the sorority-girl fashion trend of an oversized T-shirt making it look like they forgot to put on pants is kind of annoying. A girl in leathers carrying a helmet, well that’s just sexy.


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