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A Look Back at Our Favorite 2018 Biker Community Features

Dec 1, 2018 6:00:00 PM / by Cam

Biker communities: Some of our favorite stories

As a company, RumbleOn loves to showcase and highlight fantastic things that are happening in the motorcycle culture. If you are involved with bikes, or are part of a club yourself, you know this community can be the first to offer a helping hand to those around them. While there seems to be an endless amount of reasons to love motorcycle clubs and culture, this is a huge one.

Bikers are sometimes the first to see an issue in their community and do something about it, regardless of whether or not those individuals are fellow bikers. They have hearts of gold and show a sense of selflessness that’s uncommon with a majority of humanity. They care. And because they take the time to help others around them, their efforts and dedication should always be positively highlighted. The media tends to paint motorcycle clubs in a light that’s far from accurate, and more times than not, people believe the stereotype that’s been created. The way to prove what the culture is really like is through actions.

Take a look at our slideshow and enjoy some photos of moments collected at events this past year. Whether these riders were helping veterans, children, or animals, their kindness and giving hearts are the common components in these events.

If your motorcycle club helps out the community or individuals in any way, or if you have a charity event coming up, let us know so we can let the RumbleOn community know, too!

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Written by Cam

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