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Shahnawaz Karim's Enduro Training, Motorcycle Racing, and Ulka Gear

Nov 17, 2020 2:04:54 PM / by Kelly Kawasaki

Enduro training

What is your current motorcycle and why did you choose it?
Right now I ride whatever is available by the brand for training. Since I work a lot with brands like BMW Motorrad, Ducati, Triumph, and Royal Enfield, I ride their motorcycles most often.

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How did you get into riding motorcycles?
I always wanted to explore and was addicted to speed. Since childhood have been riding cycles, and was a state-level 400m and 800m runner. That helped me move from cycles to motorcycle. Right now I'm not just riding and training, I am also on a mission to make motorcycle rides safer and more fulfilling for other riders by launching my own brand, Ulka Gear,  it’s the world’s only motorcycle riding jacket convertible to backpack.

What inspires you to ride?
The whole aspect of free-spirited riding, exploring new places, meeting new people, understanding cultures, and becoming richer with knowledge.

BMW Motorrad
How did you get into racing?
I actually got into racing from the beginning of my motorcycle riding time. I visited one of the race tracks for leisure, but then kept coming back for Track Days, and then eventually for races during the national championships.

What would your top tip be for someone getting into riding?
Enjoy the time on the motorcycle, learn the techniques, and stay safe with proper riding gear.

Tell us about the most exciting adventure you’ve taken on your bike.
The most exciting one was the one that I just finished before the pandemic struck. I was chosen as a marshal for the BMW Motorrad gs trophy 2020 in the month of August 2019. Soon after, at an event in October first week, I had a setback and tore three ligaments on my left knee. This was very close to the final trophy that was going to start on January 17, 2020. I got the surgery done, went through rigorous physical therapy, and tried one cross-country travel, Thailand to Malaysia, on a motorcycle with (December 19-24) and felt that I can do it.

BMW Motorrad

What does being a part of the motorcycle community mean to you?
It means a lot. The community is there to help each other and play its part in knowledge, sharing, and growth. I’ve met the best people through motorcycles. People that I look up to, people who I’ve ridden with, and people who know my vision and support me. Now it’s time for me to give back to the community with training and products.

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