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How Much Does a Motorcycle Cost?

by Kelly Kawasaki

How much does a motorcycle cost? That question is an oversimplification of the journey you’ll experience as your riding career unfolds. We are here to walk you through the entire process from start to finish, so you’ll know what to expect before you shell out some cash and finally hit the open road.

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Proper Freedom Machines // Freddie Dobbs’ Triumph Bonneville

by Kelly Kawasaki

Motorcycles are proper freedom machines. I love the feeling of freedom as much as I love my bike. It doesn’t matter what bike you ride.

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The Vintage Motorcycle Craze and How Brands Are Adapting

by Kelly Kawasaki

Motorcycle styles are always changing to fit what the customer wants. A recent, long-lasting, trend has been towards vintage motorcycle styles. People are wanting the stripped-down style of scramblers and the customization of cafe racers. This demand is causing big motor brands to bring back the old school style with new school tech for the rider.

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle History: A Track Racing Timeline

by RumbleOn Road Captain

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle History: Harley on the race track

Harley-Davidson might just be one of the most beloved motorcycle brands of all time. That’s in part due to the exceptionally engineered rides they provide us, along with the culture and community that the brand has created. It’s an American brand, and unless you’re considering Indian, there are not many established American brands that can compete. And any brand that can manage to stay strong throughout its long history and stay true to the roots and foundations it was created on, is a brand that is loved. Harley is a personal favorite for a variety of riders, but how far does their passion really reach?

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Quarantine Series: Basic Motorcycle Maintenance You Can Do At Home

by Jo Kelley

Quarantining doesn’t have to drive you crazy. Being productive is key. 

This is an interesting time in history. Everyone is on lock-down due to a global virus and we’re either working from home or being forced to stay inside. The cabin fever is real. But, there are things you can do that will keep you from going stir-crazy.