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Rider Diaries, Harley Davidson

Bill Chen's Harley Davidson Road Glide Special // Experience the Road

by Kelly Kozakowski

Why did you choose your Harley Davidson Street Glide Special?

Well, I started off on sport bikes but found myself touring mostly. Then in 2007, the Night Rod Special came out from
Harley and that’s when I jumped over and bought my first Harley. I've ridden a Harley ever since.

Rider Diaries, Husqvarna

Nick van der Vegt's Husqvarna 701 // Filming Comes First

by Kelly Kozakowski

Do you currently own a motorcycle?

Believe it or not, I just purchased my first motorcycle this past Friday! I’m currently working on a reveal video which will go live later this week. Very excited to share! I purchased a 2018 Husqvarna 701 but please don’t announce yet!

Rider Diaries, Triumph

Therapeutic Value in Riding // Matt Kinley's Triumph Scrambler 1200

by Kelly Kozakowski

Why did you choose your Triumph Scrambler 1200?
I have a real soft spot for the
Triumph brand, it’s heritage, it’s styling and what it means in motorcycle culture. Growing up in the Norfolk countryside meant I started out on enduro bikes, Hyosung XRX, Yamaha WR etc, they were perfect for bombing about back lanes and traversing fields. I wanted a ‘do it all’ machine, and the Triumph Scrambler 1200 ticked all those boxes, after spending a full day on one giving it a test ride, I was instantly sold. I turned it into my own little weapon, and I absolutely love it.