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Loud and Proud: RevZilla Exhaust Sound Comparison

by Logan Reed

Exhaust Sound Comparison for Harley

You know the sound. That sound that Harley-Davidson is known for.  It's said that loud pipes save lives, but honestly, I think they just get my blood pumping more than they've rescued anyone.  

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Tips for Beginners: How to Perform a Motorcycle Tune-Up (Video)

by RumbleOn Road Captain

How do you do a motorcycle tune-up? Tune in!

No one wants to cut their riding time short, that’s why it’s essential to extend the life of your motorcycle as long as possible. In order to make sure your ride is road-ready for years to come, you need to give it some attention. What kind of attention? A periodical, thorough once-over and motorcycle tune-up, of course.

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Tips for Tall Motorcycle Riders (Video)

by Logan Reed

Some Short Tips for Tall Motorcycle Riders

Last week, Jo touched on some challenges she faces as a short rider and put together a nifty video that covers tips and tricks for all you shorties hoping to find your perfect motorcycle fit.

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The Green Curse: Is a Green Motorcycle Bad Luck? (Video)

by Jo Kelley

Is a Green Motorcycle Bad Luck?

Green motorcycles may look slick, but they come with a deadly history. In fact, the color green was so closely linked to death, that a popular superstition arose to say that the color was cursed.

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The Twilight Zone of Weird Motorcycle Mods (Video)

by Logan Reed

Weird Motorcycle Mods that Seem to Come From Another Dimension

Halloween celebrates the strange, unusual, and downright creepy, so I thought we'd put a weird spin on some motorcycle mods. Ever see some funny, strange, or ugly motorcycle mods and think, "now that's something you don't see every day." In the spirit of Halloween, we want to celebrate the bikes that look like they just rode up from the underworld, or make you simply say "what the...?"