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Future Bikes: The BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100

Apr 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

The future of motorcycles might look straight out of Tron.

Call me old-fashioned, but when it comes to the potential future of each industry, it can be mind-numbing to think of the technology that is possible. 

Just years ago, I didn’t have a smartphone that enabled me to access the internet, right at my fingertips, and now it's hard for me to imagine life without it. Now, I can use my helmet the same way.

We couldn’t ask a digital system or smart speaker a random question and receive a perfectly logical answer; we couldn't call a friend we miss on the phone and see their face in real time. With the creation of the Yamaha MOTOROid, we have motorcycle technology that is so in-tune with its rider, it can respond as a part of them to remove potential human error.

Those are only a small amount of the significant advancements that our society has seen in the past twelve years. And while the potential of what the future can offer can be intimidating, it’s amazing to see what companies can create to contribute to our future.

One company that has created a concept motorcycle akin to a Tron or Matrix movie, is BMW. When it comes to motorcycles, BMW isn't one of the leading brands in motorcycle sales; instead, that title proudly goes to brands like Harley-Davidson, Indian, Honda, or Kawasaki. Still, BMW has taken the technology that can be traditionally used in its most current cars, turned it on its head, and applied it to a new motorcycle. This motorcycle screams "future," and the look of it seems to belong more on the big screen than on the streets. Yet, here we are. 


Video credit to BMW Motorrad


In case you didn’t already know, this bike is self-balancing. Yes, it means exactly what you think. This bike does not require a stand. You don’t have to put your feet down when you stop at red lights or stop signs. And it works to balance out when riding so that it’s almost impossible to fall out of turns.  It might just be the most straightforward motorcycle to ride and drive, only because BMW has made it have a mind of its own that’s all about efficiency and ease. 

The reality is that something like this might not be that far off in the future. However, I’d be hesitant to think that self-driving motorcycles would become a universally accepted idea. Half the fun of motorcycles is being able to control it yourself. When you take that out of the equation, it forces out half of the excitement that goes along with riding. 

This bike has some intricate and innovative technology, but it’s still not self-driving. However, the BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100 could potentially start the chain reaction for other motorcycle brands. Harley-Davidson has already released word of their first electric motorcycle to debut in 2019, so is it that surprising that a new wave of motorcycles is in the very near future? 

The first bit of impressive technology found on the Motorrad Vision Next 100 is an electric safety cage. That means that this futuristic bike can signal and communicate with other vehicles to help prevent crashes from happening.

In case it wasn’t already obvious, this bike has an electric engine instead of a gas engine. Electric engines seem to be slowly filtering into the motorcycle industry, which is seen with Harley's potential new launch. The bike also has a frame that was built for flexibility, which enables it to bend and handle turns with much more ease than traditional motorcycles. The tread on the bike also adjusts itself depending on the road that it’s riding on. Wow. 

The introduction of this bike has also brought about glasses, or goggles, the rider could wear in lieu of a helmet. Still, I don’t care how safe a bike is, you should always wear a helmet.

When it comes to the foundation of the bike, BMW was sure to include only necessary technology. While not everyone will like this bike or the direction it’s going, most of us can still get on board when BMW says that they have no plans of making a bike that’s fully self-driving. The reason? They don’t believe something like that should be incorporated into motorcycles. It appears BMW agrees with me, and that’s something we can all agree on.


Comment down below and let us know how this bike makes you feel!


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