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Reasons to Ride a Motorcycle

Feb 23, 2018 8:00:00 AM / by Cam

Reasons You Should Ride a Motorcycle

When it comes to the risks of riding a motorcycle, there's a staggering number of articles written by Captain Obvious. There’re endless critics out there yelling at you for choosing to ride, and they’re not subtle when they tell you how  illogical you are for it. Well, we don’t pay attention to those kinds of articles. Any rider understands the risks of riding a motorcycle and, hopefully, counteracts that risk with practicing safe, offensive driving and wearing the necessary motorcycle safety gear.

motorcycle in sunset

I'm not here to tell you to stop riding. I’ll never ask you to do that because I understand the sense of freedom and adrenaline that comes with manning your motorcycle. And, ultimately, why are these people who have never ridden on such a high horse that they think they get to tell us about something they know nothing about?

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Well,  tell them to sit the hell down and let them know that, yes, we know the risks that come with motorcycles. We’re not oblivious, and we’re not stupid. But something they haven’t seemed to consider? There are things that get taken away from you when you decide to stop riding.

So in light of the endless articles on, ‘The Risks of Riding a Motorcycle,’ we’re going to flip this topic on its head and share with you the opposite.

Here are the risks of NOT riding a motorcycle:

Never being able to experience the feeling of flying:

Sure, you can fly in a plane or even a helicopter. But unless you’re skydiving and jumping out of a plane (which I would classify more as ‘falling, anyway) then a motorcycle is one of the only things that can give you that feeling. A motorcycle goes at whatever speed you want it to, so it’s entirely up to you how fast you’ll fly.

David flying

It’s tough to mimic the feeling of the wind rushing past you, along with the scenery, and feeling just a little bit invincible. We don’t suggest letting that mindset completely drive you in everything you do, but riding your motorcycle gives you this sense of freedom that seems as though only the birds can experience.

So when someone tells you that flying is impossible, just smirk and say, “you’ve obviously never been on a motorcycle.”


You'll miss out on an amazing friend group:

The culture that comes with riding is half the reason that riders ride. The biking culture and community is a group of people that you can’t replicate in any other way. That’s because we are so uniquely our own. In fact, so much  that you’ll never really experience it anywhere.

awesome friend group

It’s easy to bond with fellow riders because you almost feel as though you’re all in on a little secret from the rest of the world. You and your fellow riders understand the feeling that comes with riding, and that’s not something that the vast majority of society can relate you. You and your riding friends are always there and willing to help, as I can attest that some of the nicest people I’ve met have been bikers. You can share riding stories with one another and bond over the roads you’ve both traveled on, all while potentially riding to events like Daytona Bike Week. It’s a unit of people that can last a lifetime, and not many people ever get to experience a friendship like that.


You'll never fully know what 'escape' feels like:

Life can be rough sometimes. Whether it’s work, health, finance, or family stresses, it seems endless. All of these things can build up on top of you until you feel like you really can’t catch you breathe. When all of these things seem to be stacking on top of each other, it can be challenging to acknowledge and appreciate the small things. It's an awesome way to get away from the small things chasing you. 

cat escaping dog

When you ride a bike, it’s a sense of escape that you can’t get anywhere else. You are the one controlling the bike, so the destination is completely and entirely up to you. It’s something that you get to control in a world where control can be difficult to get. You can escape all that stress, even for just a little bit of time, and enjoy the simplicity that comes with riding. Sometimes, all you need to understand a situation is to remove yourself from that situation, thinking it over, and coming back to tackle the problem. Your bike is an escape that, unfortunately, not everyone gets to experience. But you do.


You can't experience the challenge of learning how to tame a metal beast:

We’re not going to lie or try to make ourselves feel above it; learning how to ride a motorcycle is a crazy invigorating and liberating feeling. When people simply glance at a motorcycle, riding it seems like this impossible task and that’s partly why there’s such a massive misconception behind riding in general. You’re essentially telling someone to tame this huge, beastly piece of metal. And you know what? It feels damn good when you’re one of the few who can. We got to admit; probably easier to tame a motorcycle than an elephant. 

Elephant cashing people

It feels awesome to know that you can easily handle something that is intimidating to other people because it shows you’re able to set fear and doubt aside to achieve exactly what you want. Yeah, learning how to drive a car when you’re sixteen is a memory that you’ll cherish fondly, but learning how to ride a motorcycle is an entirely different experience. There’s less oppotrunity to screw up when you’re riding in a car than when you’re riding a motorcycle, simply because you don’t have a huge barrier of metal surrounding you. So when youdo learn how to ride well, you look damn cool doing it.


A motorcycle and a road can be a way cheaper version of a therapist:

Hey, we’re not judging, because life gets hard and sometimes you need an unbiased person to help you get a better understanding and grasp of things. But if therapists were cheap, let’s be honest, everyone would go to them. Who doesn’t want to sit down and have an endless rant about their life with someone who can offer solid advice? And even if you get a more expensive motorcycle than is normal, it would still probably end up cheaper than a therapist.

Ophra Therapist

The road can achieve some pretty damn surprising things. The road can make you think about things you’re not too thrilled about, remove yourself from a situation to clear your head or give you a better perspective and understanding of something. When it’s just you, the road, and your bike, it kind of forces you to consider things that aren’t easy to think about. And all it costs you? Some gas! When it comes to the smaller problems that you’re stressing out about, it can be as easy as riding down a scenic road to put things into perspective. It can remind you that the world is such a huge, vast place, and that problem you’re stressing about might not be as significant as you initially thought.


Having a best friend-other than a dog-that won't disagree and just listens:

Sometimes when you talk about something, you’re not looking for a reply or any advice. There are times where you just need to let your thoughts and feelings be known, and just want someone to listen. That’s not a selfish thing, either, because the occasional rant of opinions or emotions is healthy for you. But when you’re talking with another person about those things, sometimes they just inherently feel the need to reply, even if you don’t necessarily want one.

Dog on motorcycle

The beauty of a bike? You can rant all you want, it will never interrupt you or judge you for the things you say. It will come to you with your adventures and just go with whatever flow you lay down on the road, which is part of the beauty of riding. Your bike becomes an extension of you, and that’s an awesome feeling to have. And hey, if you have a bike and a dog that enjoys riding, you’re just winning all around.


Never being able to fully experience the feeling of being one with the road:

Driving a car just can’t achieve the same connection with the road that a motorcycle can. When it comes to cars now, they’ll all about incorporating the highest and most innovative kind of technology, and some even remove the driving itself. While there are motorcycles out there that are pretty impressive with the technology they incorporate into the bike, they never try to overcomplicate things, because they understand that riding is supposed to be simple. It’s just supposed to be you in the never-ending road, which is half the beauty of riding.

Tom Cruise on motorcycle

But when you don’t ride a motorcycle, you never really get to experience that with the road. You’re too far removed from your surroundings and the experience to enjoy it. However, riding a bike allows you to appreciate everything around you. You can even appreciate the rain when you’re riding if you’re prepared for it and you get to feel connected to ‘life’ in general. Find us something else that lets you feel that way, and maybe we’ll talk. But for now, motorcycles are the one thing that brings out the beauty of the road.


You can't 'legally' get the same sense of adrenaline:

Okay, yes, you can jump out of a plane if you’re seeking that sense of adrenaline. And we’re sure there are plenty of illegal drugs that can achieve that, too, but come on, riding a bike is the only realistic and right way to do it.

adrenaline yelling

When you’re speeding down a road with no one in sight and given the ability to test how fast your bike can go, you feel like you’re on cloud nine. It gets your heart pumping at the speed of the engine, and it makes it feel like you can see everything around you so crystal clear. It’s an experience that’s difficult to explain, but all you riders know exactly what I’m talking about. Riding a motorcycle can give you a new appreciation for life.

So whenever someone tries to tell you the risks of riding a motorcycle, you can kindly direct them to this list and let you know the risks of not riding outweigh most of the risks of riding. 


Comment down below and let us know what this list might have missed, or your favorite part about it!   



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