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'Twas the Ride Before Christmas (Video)

Dec 18, 2019 10:30:00 AM / by Logan Reed

'Twas the Ride Before Christmas...

...and all through the night, not a creature was stirring, save one jolly old man, on a bike.

There’s nothing like a quick jaunt down the Interstate on Christmas Eve to put the stress of the holidays behind me. Not a soul to be seen anywhere, no screeching cars, distracted cagers, or feckless jaywalkers. I’m completely alone.

Or, am I? 

You’re probably thinking my helmet’s screwed on too tight, or that all that winter riding is starting to go to my head. But hear me out, brothers and sisters: there was a time when we all believed in the big guy wearing the plush red coat and matching hat, right? And who’s to say we have to abandon this belief just because the hilltop is approaching?        

I know at least one biker whose sense of wonderment is still intact, and she had a pretty miraculous encounter on Christmas Eve. Imagine her surprise when she stopped to fill up at a Texas gas station and realized she wasn’t the only one there... 

Who did Fate have her meet the night before Christmas? See for yourself here! 


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