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Weird Motorcycle Laws: Which Ones Are Real? (Quiz)

Nov 2, 2019 2:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

Which of these weird motorcycle laws are actually real?

Imagine you're out riding one day, enjoying the sights and sounds of a cool, crisp day. Suddenly, there are flashing lights behind you. A quick glance in your sideview mirror confirms your worst fear: it’s a cop, and he’s pursuing you, earnestly.

You quickly check your speedometer—all good there. You even remembered to check your brake lights and turn signals before leaving. What could it be? 

There are some obscure motorcycle laws out there, folks, ones that can ruin your day entirely if you aren’t aware of them. They're weird, a bit wacky, maybe even a little outdated, and the sad truth is, they were created because some yahoo ruined it for everyone else!

Would you get a ticket for breaking some of these weird laws? Think you know the law backwards and forwards? Let's find out!








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Written by Logan Reed

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