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What's Your Elf Biker Name? (Quiz)

Dec 15, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Jo Kelley

Imagine you are a Christmas elf who rides motorcycles...

Okay, so, picture this: you’re a magical elf who lives at the North Pole. You work long hours in an enchanted toy factory to make children happy around the world. While you enjoy spreading holiday magic and cheer, you feel something is missing in your life.

You’re headed straight for an elven mid-life crisis when suddenly, you hear a deep rumble outside the workshop window. Santa has traded his reindeer for something new, and a crowd of your fellow workers has gathered to see this shiny new upgrade.

“What is that?” you wonder as you inch toward the machine in curiosity. It’s a big, beautiful motorcycle, and it’s also the beginning of the rest of your life.

Santa, who is no stranger to recognizing pure joy in someone’s eyes, notices your enchantment. “Don’t just stand there,” he says. “Get on up and we’ll go for a ride.”

You can barely contain your excitement as you hop onto Santa's two-wheeled beauty. With a twist of the throttle and a kick of his boot, the two of you soar away on the back of a flawless iron horse. You make a life decision at that moment, you vow to abandon all sentiments that go along with conventional elvish mentality, and you live a life for the road.

As the wind whips by, Santa leans back and shouts, “You can get one of these babies for yourself, you know. Maybe you’ll get one for Christmas.”

Speechless, you want to say thank you, but before you can find the right words, Santa interrupts. “We’ll just have to give you a nickname,” he pauses. “So, what should we call you?”


Not feeling in the Christmas spirit? Find out your biker nickname for the rest of the year on the Brain Bucket Blog!


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Jo Kelley

Written by Jo Kelley

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