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Trip Destinations and Best Sights to See on Your Rides

Feb 14, 2018 12:00:00 PM / by Logan Reed

Best Road Trip Destinations and Must-Sees

The way I see it, when spring and summertime roll around, there are about five thousand adventures to be had. I don't know about you, but as soon as it warms up out there, I'm going to ride more, see more, and do more. Could you use some inspiration? Here is the ultimate list of motorcycle museums, serene landmarks, obscure monuments, odd attractions, historical places, and other interesting sites across all states in the good ol' U-S-of-A.

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Roadside attractions in America

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You better believe I did the research for this list. I've scoured the Internet (and hit up the good ol' grapevine) to find the country's best sights to see on your cross country trip. If you want more info, just click the name to go the site's official page. Know of a place that didn't make the list? Leave us a comment and I'll add it!






Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum

Leeds, AL
This contemporary museum features a glass-enclosed setup that houses over 1,200 motorcycles and race cars. There’s even an adjacent road course! Founded by a Birmingham bazillionare, this site was made to become the world’s best motorcycle museum, and it is.
Tuscumbia, AL
Want to throw back a few brews, eat some good grub, and listen to some live music? Check out this saloon built in a cave.
Seale, AL
This is a wonder in itself, this may be the strangest museum in Alabama. A weird exhibit of paintings, taxidermy, found objects, and just about any piece of junk one can imagine, makes up this folk art curiosity collection.
Fort Payne, AL
Make a stop and check out the scenery at what’s known as the “Grand Canyon of the East”.
Delta, AL
Rising above Talladega National Forest, Cheaha Mountain is the highest point in Alabama at 2,407 feet above sea level. The National Forest can be seen in all its glory from Bunker Tower, a stone structure built in 1934 that sits atop the mountain.
Milbrook, AL
The creepy remains of a small town built for the film "Big Fish" still stand around a run down main street.
Gulf Shores, AL
Because who doesn’t like the beach?
Tinglewood Carvings
Montevallo, AL
Orr Park contains picnic and recreation areas, but what makes this nature preserve interesting is its collection of strange and whimsical creatures that are carved on dead trees all around the park. 
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Fairbanks, AK
This museum collection features over 80 vehicles, including steamers, electric cars, speedsters, cyclecars, midget racers and yes, motorcycles.
Sitka, AK
Attention, patriots! This is the historic place where, in 1867, the Russian Flag was lowered and the American Flag was raised in to mark the transfer of Alaska to...‘MERICA! Cue the bald eagles.
King Salmon, AK
Go off-road for backpacking, rafting, glacier and volcano tours along the Pacific Coast of Katmai National Park. Don’t forget the star attraction: bears. This is one of the largest concentrations of Brown Bears in the world, and the perfect place for natural bear viewing.
Chitina, AK
What once was the richest known copper mine is now a completely deserted ghost town.
Juneau, AK
A strange and beautiful garden park that features upside down trees, known as the ‘Flower Towers’, that have their tops buried in the ground and their roots thrust up in the air.
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Buddy Stubbs Harley-Davidson

Phoenix, AZ
Inside this Harley dealership is a 3,000 sq.-ft. museum that is chock full of class two-wheeled history.
Northern Arizona
The Arizona Strip extends to the Arizona-Utah border. On it, you’ll travel through the Navajo Nation to the scenic Marble Canyon, see the historic Navajo Bridge that spans more than 460 feet above the Colorado River, and see a rare view of the Grand Canyon. Don’t forget to while grab lunch at the secluded Cliff Dwellers restaurant.
Page, AZ
This famed slot canyon is most-visited and most-photographed canyon in the American Southwest.
Page, AZ
A picturesque and dramatic bend in the Colorado River that surrounds a natural red rock pedestal.
Casa Grande, AZ
A strange, abandoned facility that, as legend has it, has become a place of ritualistic satanic worship. Spooky.


Crater of Diamonds State Park

Murfreesboro, AR
A one-of-a-kind experience that could really pay off. This park features the only diamond mine in the world where you get to keep what you find. Cha-ching!
Hot Springs National Park, AR
It’s not every day that you get to see over 100 gators in one place. How would you like to pet one? This place has been giving up-close and personal moments with modern day dinosaurs since 1902.
Flippin, AR
This historically protected ghost town is the last remnant of the Arkansas Zinc industry.
Hot Springs, AR
Looking for a strange experience? This museum features a bizarre collection of curious and rare objects owned by Arkansas illusionist Maxwell Blade.
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Solvang Vintage Motorcycle Museum

Solvang, CA
This museum displays a collection of vintage and rare motorcycles as well as European race bikes. The collection is quite broad with something for everyone, ranging across all makes.
One of the most famous and most-scenic highways in the country. Who could resist taking a ride on the edge of the continent? This is one of the best motorcycle roads in America!
Confusion Hill
Percy, CA
Looking to really experience something strange? Don’t fall on  your face when you visit this attraction called the “Gravity House”.
Devil’s Postpile National Monument
Mammoth Lakes, CA
The battling forces of fire and ice created the Devils Postpile: over 400 unusually symmetrical columns of basalt towering six hundred feet high, on the eastern side of the sierras, just outside of Mammoth, California.
Bridgeport, CA
Perched on the eastern side of the Sierras, Bodie is California’s Official Ghost Town and allows for a detailed peek into Gold Rush life. Be careful, though. Don’t remove anything from the park. Legends say that any items taken off the property are horribly cursed.
Lake Berryessa, CA
No, it’s not what you think. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less strange.


Colorado Springs, CO
This museum is home to over 75 original and fully restored examples of vintage and antique Indians, Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, and more.
Estes Park, CO
The same Stanley Hotel from The Shining? Yup, that one.
Mosca, CO
Want to know the best way to earn bragging rights? Go wrestle a gator. Yup, that’s what I said. If this doesn’t give you ultimate badass points, I don’t know what will.
Colorado Springs, CO
These towering sandstone rock formations against a backdrop of snow-capped Pikes Peak and brilliant Colorado blue skies. These jutting red rocks have been attributed to a higher power for hundreds of years.
Aspen, CO
A shrine dedicated to the famed author who wrote “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” and once daringly lived, drank, and rode with the Hell’s Angels.
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New England Motorcycle Museum

Vernon, CT
Located inside an old textile that dates back to the 1800’s, this site is set to be the largest motorcycle museum on the East coast.
This is one of the best roads for motorcycles. It has everything: twisties, sweepers and scenic vistas, also giving riders the additional thrill of elevation changes throughout the route.
Union Cemetery
Easton, CT
Ever wanted to visit a demonically possessed graveyard? Well, never say never...
Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store
Middletown, CT
Anything that you, your friends, your parents, or that annoying neighbor kid may have once owned, is probably at Wild Bill's Nostalgia Store. Wild Bill's even has a "haunted" fun house with rides that look exactly like the cat-house from Beetlejuice… this place does not f*#k around in the fun department, people.
Hartford, CT
Once owned by the innovator of the revolver, Samuel Colt, this is what remains of Colt’s Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company. Once the largest private armory in the world, this history area houses are the remnants of Coltsville, the utopian village Colt had built for his workers.
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Washington, D.C.
The Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History has a small but choice collection of motorcycles, managed by the Transportation Collection staff in the Division of the History of Technology.
Washington, D.C.
Yup, I’m talking about those stairs from The Exorcist. They’re real. They’re famous. And, of course, they’re creepy.
Washington, D.C.
Spies are cool, and this museum features the history, hidden facts, and true stories behind the super secretive spy craft.
Washington, D.C.
You love to ride the road, but do you know where they all supposedly start?
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Steampunk Tree House

Milton, Delaware
This is a pretty frickin’ cool place to have a drink or five.
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Jacksonville, FL
The Jacksonville Automotive and Motorcycle Museum features hundreds of motoring displays, and something for every automotive and motorcycling enthusiast.
Lake Wales, FL
Visit this place and you’ll find you and your bike rolling uphill.
Chipley, FL
Wolves are pretty badass, and this giant 400-acre preserve in North Florida is home to dozens of displaced grey wolves. Visitors to the preserve are welcome to come and interact with the wolf packs during a two-and-half-hour tour.
Gibstonton, FL
This town was once known as the strangest town in America, and rightfully so. Gibtown became the retirement or home-base for a variety of show folks where next door neighbors were Priscilla the Monkey Girl, the Alligator Man, the Lobster family, or Dotty the Fat Lady.
Polk City, FL
The world’s largest private aircraft collection that features planes from the dawn of flight, vintage war birds, and more.
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St. Marys, GA
Museum dedicated to the submarines of the United States with some information & items about other countries submarine forces.
Griffin, GA
While in Georgia, you may like to pay your respects to one of history’s most notable badasses, Doc Holliday. It’s real mystery though, because no one really knows whether the legendary gunslinger is actually buried there.
Clayton, GA
This whirlpool is supposedly capable of swallowing whole trees and rafts full of unlucky tourists. It’s pretty cool, but don’t get too close.
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Honolulu, HI
Not just a dealership, there is a museum on the third floor. Go check out the shop and ask if you can pop by to see some of the owner’s collection.
Mountain View, Hawaii
This beach has black sand that was created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools. You kinda have to see it to understand.
Hilo, Hawaii
Who likes tourists? No one. That’s why this is the best place to go check out one of Hawaii’s most famous natural wonders (without the crowds). It’s hidden, off the beaten track, and relatively unknown.
Kaneohe, HI
Stairway to Heaven, anyone? (Play Freebird!!!)
Want more information on cool things to do in Hawaii? Check out this article at Your RV Lifestyle. 
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The Yanke Motor Museum
Boise, ID
This museum includes not only motorcycles, but other motorsports relics including snowmobiles and watercraft. There's even all the classic cars and trucks on hand as well as the historical industrial stuff like firetrucks and otherwise.
Sun Valley, ID
You may not think that legendary writer and all-around badass Ernest Hemingway would be buried in Idaho, but it’s true.
Leadore, ID
A few dilapidated structures are all that are left of this former silver mining town.
Blackfoot, ID
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Idaho? Potatoes, right? Of course. This museum pays homage to the humble potato that has given Idaho it’s agricultural success and features such oddities as the world’s largest potato chip.
Arco, ID
Craters of the Moon National Monument is a truly remarkable volcanic expanse that is both eerie in its wasteland-esque splendor, and beautiful in its formation and history. Look closely, and you might just see the "Old Man of the Craters," a notable rock feature that is in the exact profile of a man
Arco ID
Also in Arco, Indiana, is the fin of the USS Hawkbill, a former national attack submarine. It’s commonly referred to as the “Devil’s Boat” because’ll see why.
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Polo, IL
90 motorcycles on display featuring European bikes from 1928 - 1978.  You should call and make an appointment if you plan to visit, or swing by, perhaps you’ll catch them open by chance.
Rockford, IL
A hidden gem of Rockford, and a great place to view vintage motorcycles.
Cairo, IL
Want to get away from tourists and traffic? Take a ride down Main Street of this ghost town that was once a booming Mississippi River port town.
Brookfield, IL
Take a ride down memory lane and pay a visit to this old-school classic arcade in Illinois. It’s known as America’s largest collection of retro video games, and all you need are some quarters for a good time.
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Winamac, IN
This Indiana museum is part of what’s called “The greatest little motorcycle shop in the middle of nowhere”.  In the middle of a Harley-Davidson store is a large fantastic motorcycle museum, with 110 motorcycles on the floor that span many different brands from many different countries.
South Bend, IN
This museum features a collection of over a century of automobile and military vehicle history and showcases the classic Studebaker.
Mooresville, IN
Visit this mysterious hill and you’ll find your bike rolling uphill.
Indianapolis, IN
Pay a visit to Public Enemy Number One, the body of one of the world’s most famous outlaws is buried in Indianapolis.
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Anamosa, IA
This museum features vintage bike rallies, and exhibits that celebrate the design, lore, and popular allure of motorcycles.
Des Moines, IA
Grab a burger at this zombie-themed restaurant.
Clear Lake, IA
The plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson marked a dark day in American history. This tragic accident is still remembered by a couple of unique memorials in Clear Lake, Iowa.
Winterset, IA
Pay tribute to the Duke and visit the very place where film icon and legendary badass, John Wayne, was born.
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Topeka, KS
If you’re a daredevil rediscover the spectacle of the death-defying Evel Knievel show.
Topeka, KS
This site is a must-see culmination of a grill, museum, and dealership all in one! This unique combination has created a destination and enjoyable stopping point for motorcyclists and visitors alike.
Marquette, KS
The Kansas Motorcycle Museum is home to over 100 vintage and rare motorcycles of all various makes and models.
Wichita, KS
Cowtown is a living history museum where you’ll experience life in the 1870s.
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Hartford, KY
“A museum that roars.” The owner of the Bluegrass Motorcycle Museum has a passion of restoring and collecting vintage motorcycles. It is located in a private home and is available to tour by appointment only.
Loretto, KY
This is the first alcoholic beverage facility to be name a National Historic Landmark. Learn how the famous red-wax covered liquor came to be one of the most prominent, iconic, and beloved alcoholic drinks in America.
Bardstown, KY
Take a tour through the history, heritage and lore of Kentucky Bourbon making and educational Bourbon tasting at this multi-generational family owned and operated distillery.
Shively, KY
Originally opened on Derby Day in 1935 and reopened to the public in 2014, the Stitzel-Weller Distillery is one of the true cathedrals of the American whiskey industry.
Frankfort, KY
Dedicated to the independent spirit of America, Buffalo Trace offers free tours of the world's most decorated distillery.
Louisville, KY
Take a tour and get a glimpse behind the scenes of the world famous Kentucky Derby.


Shreveport, LA
Housed in a former 1920s Louisiana auto dealership, this museum displays more than 60  vintage cars, motorcycles, fire trucks, and more.
Pineville, LA
A good pit-stop to get your motorcycle detailed and get the grind off while on the road.
Pineville, LA
Hidden in the bayous is a world of natural beauty, excitement, learning, recreation, resources and wildlife in their purest form.
Sulphur, LA
A free, fun attraction that immerses you in nature and Louisiana's unique culture.
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Bangor, ME
This museum aims to preserve historic vehicles, and displays U.S. military memorabilia to remind visitors of the high price our comrades have paid to protect our freedom.
Bar Harbor, ME
Take a cruise through granite peaks, and enjoy the world-famous beauty of Maine from this National Park.
Camden, ME
You can’t cruise through Maine without stopping for some chowder. While you’re there, you can also check out the Sea Dog brewery.
South Portland, ME
Maine is known for its lighthouses. Stop by and get an in-depth look at one of these iconic, historic structures.
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Jessup, MD
Explore 3,500 square feet of BMW history showcasing over 65 vintage and classic BMW motorcycles and side cars, memorabilia, art and more.
Baltimore, MD
Mid-Atlantic OSSA is a collection of vintage motorcycles that have been ridden, collected, and restored, now on display for enthusiasts to enjoy.
Bel Alton, MD
A friendly biker bar located in Southern Maryland that is biker owned and operated. They offer bike parking, a tiki bar, pool tables, live bands, ice cold beer, and great food.
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Springfield, MA
This Massachusetts exhibit features artifacts, memorabilia, and photographs highlighting production of Indian’s “everyman” and military motorcycles from the early years. Read more about the history of Indian here!
Boston, MA
Make a stop and take a tour of this beer lover’s delight: the site of America’s leading brewer of handcrafted beer.
Quincy, MA
Get a look at this historic (and possibly haunted) warship up close.
Manchester by the Sea, MA
There is a scientific explanation for the reason this beach makes a mysterious “singing” sound.
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Barry County, MI
Houses one of Michigan’s largest collections of classic and vintage automobiles. There are over 400 cars and motorcycles on display, and a diner on-site with famous pecan pie!
Interlochen, MI
A family owned and operated motorcycle campground, retail store, repair shop, and museum that covers a broad scope of the motorcycling world.
Farmington Hills, MI
A nostalgic museum that is devoted to a huge collection of coin-operated animatronic dummies, mechanical games and other oddities.
Glen Arbor, MI
35 miles of pristine Lake Michigan beaches, two large islands, enormous sand dunes and bluffs, rivers, and inland lakes.
Port Austin, MI
An interesting scenic island just off the Michigan shore in Lake Huron.
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Minneapolis, MN
Minneapolis’ oldest park overlooks the Mississippi River, spans 193 acres, and features a 52-foot waterfall over limestone bluffs.
St. Paul, MN
Most famously known as a frequent gangster hideout for the likes of John Dillinger and Ma Barker, Wabash has been a speakeasy, an underground disco, and even a mushroom growing operation.
Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin
A great place to cruise, the majority of this route hugs the banks of the Mississippi River. You'll be able to take in all that scenery from both the eastern and western shores, and span over three states.
Waubun, MN
Take a long cruise, and twist and curve along this scenic Minnesota route. Don’t forget to pull over for some historic and scenic spots! Take a minute and enjoy the view.
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Sturgis, MS
A free museum that is dedicated to pre-1970 Bench Mark Works motorcycles.
Hattiesburg, MS
Stop for some coneys and curly fries at this family owned and operated cafe that’s been in operation for over 80 years.
Leland, MS
A museum that honors the mid-Mississippi Delta Bluesmen and their contributions to music through the ages.
Clarksdale, MS
The famed spot where Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil for the gift of blues mastery.
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St. Louis, MO
The Mungenast Classic Automobiles & Motorcycles Museum is two-building display with over 6,000 square feet dedicated to restored and rare wheeled-beauties.
St. Louis, MO
Take a tour through history with this collection of rare and vintage motorcycles.
Columbia, MO
Enjoy some cool weather and beautiful scenery in the full-swing of summer. This curious cave stays a cool 56 degrees all year long.
Ironton, MO
A beautiful spot atop the St. Francois Mountains in the Ozarks. At 1,772 feet above sea level, this is the highest, and oldest, peak in Missouri.
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Polson, MT
A museum that showcases automobiles, aircraft, and more. The current collection contains thousands of artifacts scattered throughout dozens of buildings and is open year round.
Deer Lodge, MT
Rated by USA Today as one of the top ten car museums in the country, this site showcases over 150 cars on display. From a 1903 Ford with tonneau and wicker side baskets, to classic Chevys and muscle cars, there’s something for every motorcycle-, car-, or museum-enthusiast.
Meagher, MT
Now a ghost town, this mining town from the late 1890s was once home to Calamity Jane.
West Glacier, MT
Take a long cruise down the only road that goes through the heart of Glacier National park, Montana.
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Elm Creek, NE
A small, personal museum of old Chevys, bicycles, motorcycles, posters, model cars, and more.
Lincoln, NE
The Museum of American Speed is an award-winning 501 museum dedicated to preserving and displaying artifacts of American automotive history.
Kearney, NE
This museum features more than 200 historic automobiles from the early 1900s to the modern era.
Alliance, NE
Love cars and oddball attractions? Stop by this curious spot and see the car-loving-American-version of the famous Stonehenge in Nebraska.
Bayard, NE
It wasn’t always called Chimney Rock. In fact, the native inhabitants of the area called this natural landmark something that would make your Mom blush.
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The National Automobile Museum
Reno, NV
Located just south of the Truckee River in Reno, Nevada, this museum displays historic automobiles from the late 19th century and from throughout the 20th.
Las Vegas, NV
Featuring a 125,000 sq. ft. showroom, this Las Vegas attraction features over 250 World Class automobiles on display (and for sale!).
Las Vegas, NV
See the graveyard of all those shining lights that once lit the famous Las Vegas Strip.
Tonopha, NV
Looking for an interesting place to stop for the night? How about staying at clown-themed motel located at the edge of the desert? It’s even conveniently located next to an abandoned graveyard. Fun.
Las Vegas, NV
This hall of fame features a collection of vintage pinball machines that you can even play for 25 cents a pop.
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New Hampshire


Meredith, NH
A combination of history and honor under one roof. This museum showcases the brave men and women who rode the early motorcycles as their primary form of transportation of patrol and emergency response.
Loudon, NH
A motor sports museum that houses a library, huge trophy collection, significant helmet collection, vintage race cars with a New England history, motorcycles, photo collections and other New England racing artifacts.
Lyndeborough, NH
Beautiful natural falls where Satan once ruined a pot of beans.
Laconia, NH
The largest arcade museum in the world showcases the nostalgia of the golden age of video games in New Hampshire.
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New Jersey


Williamstown, NJ
Part of a custom shop, this antique showroom highlights the history and tradition of the motorcycle industry. (As seen on History Channel’s popular show American Pickers.)
Galloway, NJ
This small, but well put-together showroom displays vintage Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Attached is their store to purchase apparel or even to buy a Harley.
Vintage Automobile Museum of New Jersey
Point Pleasant, NJ
A New Jersey museum that celebrates and showcases the automobile industry with exhibitions of vintage autos.
Cape May, NJ
Even though it was never intended to be permanent, a bunker from WWII still remains and stands intact on the beach.
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New Mexico


Albuquerque, NM
A racing museum that highlights rare and exotic cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.
Santa Rosa, NM
A museum that features dozens of antique autos, motorcycles, and Route 66 memorabilia. The museum owner does the restorations, himself, and runs a garage right next door.
Nageezi, NM
An amazing assembly of pueblos in New Mexico is the most complete example of ancient ruins north of the border.
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New York


Newburgh, NY
This museum was founded to collect and display vintage bikes, and to help preserve the history of motorcycles. Motorcyclepedia is a motorcycle museum containing over 450 mostly American motorcycles, mainly from the first half of the 20th century.
Buffalo Harley-Davidson
Buffalo, NY
With currently over 35 motorcycles on display, the museum makes a great side trip if traveling through the Niagara region.
Buffalo/ Niagara Falls, NY
The Great Lakes Seaway Trail rolls by Niagara Falls into the Thousand Islands region with 29 lighthouses along the way. Between Rochester and Buffalo, you will cruise past the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park, and the Lakes to Locks Passage is full of views, canals, history, and architecture.
Haines Falls, NY
This two-tiered waterfall located in the New York Catskill Mountains is a sight to see. It’s been made famous by writers and poets over the ages. (Also, you may spot the notorious ghost of a dog that haunts the place.)
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North Carolina


Wheels Through Time
Maggie Valley, NC
North Carolina's Wheels Through Time Museum is home to the world’s premier collection of rare American motorcycles, memorabilia, and a distinct array of unique American automobiles. Be sure the check out the world's rarest motorcycle: the mysterious Traub
Gastonia, NC
Located inside the Carolina Harley-Davidson, the largest Harley dealership on the East Coast, this 70,000 square foot museum contains a wide variety of vintage motorcycles and other motorcycling memorabilia.
Sylva, NC
The iconic train crash in the movie The Fugitive can be experienced first, the site can anyway. The movie set is still found rusting along the Great Smoky Railroad.
Burnsville, NC
This is the highest point in the state, and of the whole United States east of the Mississippi River.
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North Dakota


Central Valley, ND
John Lindemann is a collector of classic, authentic Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and his collection includes more than 40 cycles. He competes in classic shows and opens his garage to enthusiasts who share his passion for powered-history. This attraction is one that's only open by-appointment, and it's best to call him a couple of hours before you may be traveling through (phone number is available on this website).
Regent, ND
Cruise through this unique spectacle of eccentric, large and record-breaking sculptures in North Dakota.
Cooperstown, ND
Remember the Cold War? This is one of the missile launch sites that has been preserved. Take a look at that big red button and wonder what could have happened if it had been pushed.
Fargo, ND
“...I guess that was your accomplice in the woodchipper?”
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Pickerington, OH
The AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum is an offshoot of the American Motorcyclist Association, recognizing individuals who have contributed to motorcycle sport, motorcycle construction, or motorcycling in general.
Mansfield, OH
Take a leisurely ride down the Ohio trail of one of the most famous movie trails, The Shawshank Redemption.
Versailles, OH
The final resting place of the infamous sharpshooter, Annie Oakley.
Warren, OH
Home to the world’s largest drumsticks, this fan gallery in Grohl’s hometown celebrates the ex-Nirvana drummer.
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Warwick, OK
Housed in the former Seaba Filling Station and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this Route 66 landmark is now filled with over 65 vintage motorcycles from 1908 to present.
Miami, OK
This museum in downtown Miami, Oklahoma houses many vintage models of classic motorcycle brands.
Lawton, OK
This is the American bison herd that saved the species from extinction. They now live comfortably as a free-range herd among the colorful Wichita mountains.
Medicine Park, OK
The final resting place of Quanah Parker, Geronimo, and the first atomic gun ever fired.
Oklahoma City, OK
The only museum in the world that celebrates the colorful history, spirit, and the humble twang of the banjo.
Kenton, OK
The highest point in Oklahoma used to be a lawless outlaw’s paradise.
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Salem, OR
Bill's Motorcycles Plus of Salem is the overflow of a  motorcycle enthusiast and dealership. This site is where a number of the employees keep their own show bikes for viewing by the public.
Portland, OR
One of the oldest bar/restaurant outposts in the Pacific Northwest, this Oregon historical landmark houses a dozen fully restored bikes as well as photos and other memorabilia.
Western Antique Airplane and Auto Museum
Hood River, OR
This museum hosts a large collection of autos and aircraft, and displays more than 40 motorcycles (in chronological order) through history.
Mitchell, OR
Oregon’s unexpected high desert that is painted with colorful layers of time.
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York, PA
Over the years, thousands of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts have made the journey to York, Pennsylvania to witness passion forged in steel.
Hershey, PA
Cruise through time and explore numerous vintage vehicle displays and interactive exhibits featuring cars, buses, motorcycles, and other automobiles from the 1890’s through the 1980’s.
Williamsport, PA
Bob Logue’s Motorsports Honda Museum, as part of the Antique Motorcycle Foundation, aims to immerse the public, the media and the industry into the captivating world of vintage motorcycles. Its exhibits establish appreciation and promote support of the AMF and of the vintage motorcycle community.
Bloomsburg, PA
Bill's Bike Barn houses over 100 amazing vintage motorcycles and more than 50,000 square feet of the most extraordinary antiques from all around the world. From military displays, vintage riding clothing, thousands of pieces of memorabilia, there’s something for every enthusiast.
Hellam, PA
Hellam Township is reputed to feature seven remote gates, which when passed through in the right order, open the entrance to Hell. You probably shouldn’t do that, though. But the lakes and wildlife are pretty to look at.
Coudersport, PA
Stop and take a look at the stars at one of the country’s rare locations that has no artificial light pollution.
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Rhode Island


Newport, RI
A Rhode Island collection of swanky, and fast, cars that are the product of when art and automobiles collide.

South Carolina

Atlantic Coast
Mention South Carolina to most any rider and you're likely to hear story about a long weekend at Myrtle Beach Bike Week. But there are far richer sights to experience in this part of the country, if you know where to look.
Hamer, SC
You never sausage a place! You’re always a weiner at Pedro’s! This attraction at the Carolina border is a little taste of Tijuana on I-95.
Chester, SC
This historic museum is home to a rare Confederate Chester Gun, and houses notable collections of Native American artifacts, firearms from the Revolutionary era to the present.
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South Dakota


Sturgis, SD
Of course you know about Sturgis, well learn about the legacy at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. This museum is dedicated to preserving the past, and educating about the sport and culture. The museum showcases vintage motorcycles, artifacts, and memorabilia in a way that vows to “Honor the Rider.”
Custer, SD
This memorial to the renowned Crazy Horse is located in the Black Hills of South Dakota and is the world’s largest mountain carving. It could fit all of Mount Rushmore inside it many times over.
Garretson, SD
This is the ravine where Jesse James evaded capture performed a legendary escape.
Belle Fourche, SD
This monument is dedicated at the direct center of the United States.
Lemmon, SD
This monument immortalizes one of the manliest men of the frontier who fought a grizzly before dragging himself 200 miles to safety (as shown in the Revenant).
Rapid City, SD
This is South Dakota’s oldest operating brewery and is located inside a historic firehouse.
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Red Boiling Springs, TN
Take an enjoyable cruise and enjoy a great collection of vintage motorcycles in this museum that’s off the beaten path.
Lynchburg, TN
Take a tour of the historic distillery that produces the famous Jack Daniel’s whiskey.
Memphis, TN
Take a tour and view a piece of Rock ‘n Roll history at Sun Studio: the recording studio that launched the careers of Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Jerry Lee Lewis.
International Rockabilly Hall of Fame
Jackson, TN
Visit a relatively unknown Hall of Fame and enjoy some of the history of your favorite Rockabilly jams.
Morristown, TN
Remember the awesome movie The Evil Dead? Well, this is all that is left of that iconic, and creepy, cabin set.
Pikeville, TN
Fall Creek Falls State Park is Tennessee’s largest and most visited state park. The park encompasses more than 26,000 acres sprawled across the eastern top of the rugged Cumberland Plateau.
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Vanderpool, TX
The Lone Star Motorcycle Museum is located in the heart of the Texas Hill country, amongst some of the most beautiful motorcycling roads. The museum displays a wonderful collection of motorcycles from around the world dating from the early 20th century to modern day.
Edinburg, TX
A non-profit museum that features dozens of motorcycles ranging from modern models to vintage motorcycles made in the early 1900's.
Waco, TX
This museum not only dedicates exhibits to popular soft drinks (including the fan-favorite, Dr Pepper) but to the free enterprise system.
Carthage, TX
This historical marker is dedicated to the last-remaining international border marker within the united states.
Canyon, TX
Palo Duro Canyon is known as the Grand Canyon of Texas, and it’s easy to see why. Any fan of long rides and awesome scenery needs to take a ride to this area.
Fort Worth, TX
This typical Texas museum is filled with broncos and betties.
Fredericksburg, TX
The National Museum of the Pacific War is located in Fredericksburg, Texas, the boyhood home of Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz.
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Garfield County, UT
The Burr Trail takes the adventurous riders into some of Utah's most beautiful and extraordinary landscapes. The Burr Trail switchbacks steeply up through the canyon, and is known as one of the world’s most scenic, and challenging, roads.
Springville, UT
Legends Motorcycles creates custom vintage bikes by making handcrafted vintage parts for those who want to turn their factory bike into a true classic. They also feature a classic bike museum full of parts and history of motorcycles.
Bryce, UT
A giant, natural amphitheater made of amazing geological formations. A must see for any fan of epic scenery.
Wendover, UT
Come for the speed, leave in love with the desert.
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Woodstock, VT
This 6-day, 5-night tour will take you on a motorcycle riding tour that takes you across the state, hitting all the must-see areas steeped in history of the state.
Glover, VT
Why should only famous or notable people get museums? This Vermont museum celebrates the glory of normalcy and exhibits highlight your everyday Joe.
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Fairfax, VA
This sprawling gun museum is a revealing testament to the American right to armament.
Roanoke, VA
This museum’s collection includes approximately 2,500 objects, including the largest collection of diesel locomotives in the South. The museum has expanded its collection to include automotive, aviation, transit, and more.
McLean, VA
Down the well-guarded halls of the CIA compound in Langley, Virginia there is a collection of declassified artifacts, weapons, and other items from the America’s secret history, collectively known as the CIA Museum.
Natural Bridge, VA
Natural Bridge is a geological formation in Rockbridge County, Virginia, comprising a 215-foot-high natural arch with a span of 90 feet. History tells that this land formation was once owned by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and King George III.
Locust Grove, VA
Yeah, the one and only Stonewall Jackson lost his arm. Find it, it was laid to rest here.
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Chehalis, WA
This two-story museum features a unique collection of original and fully-restored pre-1916 Indians, Harley-Davidsons, Excelsior, Pierces, Emblem, and more. The exhibit even includes an example of the first American made bicycle from the 1800's. (Be sure and call the museum to make an appointment before you visit, though!)
Winthrop, WA
Barron is one of the most intact ghost towns in Washington with cabins, log structures, and even a few explorable mines.
Seattle, WA
Known as the most-opened drawbridge in the country, the Fremont was built in 1917 and even has its own tower Rapunzel.
Gravity Hill
Prosser, WA
Witness gravity “working backwards” on you and your bike when you visit this spot.
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West Virginia


Scarbro, WV
A museum for the people, this site pays tribute to the hard-working coal miners of the Appalachians.
Fayetteville, WV
This huge bridge spans an Appalachian gorge, and, strangely enough, it’s legal to jump off of one day a year. (You probably might not want to do that, though.)
Point Pleasant, WV
Even if you don’t believe in weird stuff like this, you can’t really visit West Virginia without taking part in what makes this area paranormally famous.
Bluefield, WV
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Milwaukee, WI
Of course any self-respecting biker visiting Wisconsin should want to go pay homage to world-famous bike manufacturer, Harley-Davidson. This museum in downtown Milwaukee showcases the more than 100 years of Harley motorcycle genius.
Milwaukee, WI
This cigar Bar was once owned by the one-and-only Al Capone.
La Crosse, WI
The name says it all.
Manitowish Waters, WI
Once the preferred hideout of John Dillinger, this is the site of one of the most famous botched FBI raids in history.
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Yellowstone National Park, WY
If you’re checking out Yellowstone, stop by the largest hot spring in America. You’ll also understand how it gets its name.
Devils Tower, WY
This is the first declared National Monument in America.
Kaycee, WY
This is the notorious Wyoming hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and the infamous Jesse James.
Buford, WY
Don’t like tourists? Who does? Visit the smallest town in the United States. Population: one.
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